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dear eastbay and anyone who talks to eastbay on here

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after numuerous complaints from several long time board members (as well as a near united dislike of you by the moderaters) about the way you fill up every thread with mindless talking and bullshit, it has been decided that if it continues to happen, your posts will be 'mass pruned'. meaning, we'll just click two buttons and cut a weeks worth of your posts from existence. i realize that it is not always you starting the never ending arguments, but it is you perpetuating them with 48 consecutive posts reminding everyone about how you 'dont care' about the internet (even though you're ignoring your 'babydoll' in order to post them). you wont be banned, because you don't really break any rules, you just make the board a very sucky place to be. other people also posts irrelivent random shit, but it generally always leads to larger discussions with many prticipants. you however, are like a cancer that eats away at every thread you set foot in. shit will not be tolerated anymore.


this is 'only the internet', and i really do not care very much about it, but since you're nothing but a piece of the internet, it means i could care even less about you. im not trying to create some sort of argument, and i dont give a fuck what you have to say about it. just know that if you keep posting 60 times a day, conducting your entire life on the boards, having endless arguments with every person who tries to mock you, your shit will be wiped away tsunami style.


this also goes for anyone who continues to have arguments with him. your shit will be cut too. put the faggot on ignore and just be done with it.

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