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you forgot some celantro... personally, myself, some people hate me, and some people love me for it.. i add finely diced yellow bell peppers, a few tbl spoons worth of extra sweet pre-cooked and actually cooked corn nibblets *they get tasty crunchy ya know* and then 2 diced olives, then mix it into the general tomatoes, celantro jalapenos and so on and so on. makes an intresting balance of sweet, spicy yet tasteable without being that stupid over powering spicy bullshit. salsa itself, is made to yes, be a form of spice taste, but more over a taste itself not just incredibly warm/hot. and if allll else fails. buy a jar of Herdez salsa, medium chunky. i like the shit, wether you do or not...not my concern.

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i got some salsa from whole foods called, "Timpones Salsa Muy Rica," and i thought that it would be good because the name... it was the most disgusting shit i've ever tasted, it was like fire roasted tomato and garlic flavor or some shit. i like roasted tomato and garlic in italian food, not mexican food. shit was boof, don't get it if you see it.

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Ok, only use either roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes, or cherry tomatoes. They have the best flavor.



5 roma tomatoes (or 1 pint of either cherry or grape tomatoes)

2 jalapenos (seeds and veins removed)

1 yellow hot (seeds and veins removed)

2 green onions

1 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tsp of garlic salt

juice of 1 lime


there are 2 ways of making this, either a) chop everything into 1" chunks and toss it in a blender (don't forget to take the seeds and veins out of the peppers or else it will be ridiculously hot) or, b) finely chop all of the above for some pico de gallo.


It's best to let the mixture sit for an hour or so to let the garlic salt bring out the flavor of the other ingredients.


Also, you can mix this in with some mashed avocados for a nice spicy guacamole.

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