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boogie hands

i dont know if you have tried to visit Futura 2000's website....

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...but i just did and it's insane. i dont know if any of you ever go on hunts for bizzaro porn but if you have, this website will feel very familiar.


check it out - www.futura2000.com


the first person to find anything that makes sense and provide an actual link to it gets to download the newest explosions in the sky album i got this morning. actually you dont...nevermind...you can download one song of my choosing but not the full album. you wont find anything that makes sense anyway so it doesnt matter.



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i went on that site maybe a couple years ago. there wasn't anything about graff and none of it made sense. i remember strange pictures of weird toys and other shit. and japanese-related shit and a link to his son's site, which said he was living in tokyo as an artist or something.

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if its anything like his website it would probably bug me too....i hate shit like that. i just wanted to find his email addy to see if he would hook up a signature on this unkle album i have...i figured its risky giving an graff writer anything but at the same time its a fucking unkle album...

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I found this on there, kinda makes sense...


To begin with, there was never any purpose to this site, other than for it to exist. I have always looked at this space as an opportunity to expose and expound on the many things that I find stimulating in this, my brief moment of life. I have remained spontaneous in my approach to this medium and find the response from the >world at large< to be overwhelming. A constant >work in progress< this space will always move beyond what I will accept, which assures you, my personal guest; the best possible scenario from which to formulate your own opinions concerning the attitudes and influences of a person whom you may come to understand.


Humor and sarcasm reign supreme, and I apologize but, this is NOT another "GRAFFITI" site. I must attempt to be different, and therefore, I do NOT have photos of trains, or pieces, or outlines, or any of the stereotypic elements of other WORLDWIDE spaces. I would prefer to be, your reference to the past, present and future of my own history and try not to document and/or speak for a large community who's talents and politics are as diverse as my own.


Over the past three years I have spoken on, and made mention to those individuals who I not only know personally, but share with a valued >friendship< this is the one truly positive aspect of the amazing shrinking planet. the shout outs are profound, but on the actual factual...your friends are really all you'll ever have.


As I act out the pages of my life, I see others who will attempt to bribe their way through this world, but that doesn't guarantee them happiness.





Once again I would like to thank the new arrivals to a visual wonderland and please...don't believe any of it.

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