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Zoo Animals are so depressing.....


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The Austin Zoo is real ghetto.

All the animals have been rescued from retards who thought it would be awesome to have an exotic pet, and then realised raising a cougar takes more effort and money than raising a hamster.

I go to the zoo here alot.

With my niece.

We always have fun.

I held hands with a cute monkey once.

It was the high-point of my month.

I went back to hold hands with the monkey again, but couldn't remember exactly which monkey it was, and the monkey I thought was the affectionate one, happened to be quite onery.

And wanted to rip my face off.


There is also a petting farm.

Full of goats,llamas,deer,pigs, and some other crappy animals.


To save myself from beastiality remarks, I opted to not post the photos of me hugging goats.



I had to throw small rocks at the cougar to make him look sassy.



I threw small rocks at this tortise as well.

Because I didn't like how he was looking at me.



We had a bonding moment.

Our eyes locked.

And no words were needed.

We both knew.

We were soulmates in a previous life.



Tigers are lazy bastards.

Everytime I have ever been to a zoo, these little guys are napping.

I always wish they would get up and do some afternoon tiger activities.

But they never do.

So I throw small rocks at them.

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Blood fart, as ghetto as that zoo may seem at least all the animal with the exception of the tiger look emotionally healthy.


You're going to have to come to the bay sometime. I'll buy you some sparks. Leave the white supremacy friends at home though.


I used to live in SF.

In the TenderLoin.

It's my kind of place.

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