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Dear ________,


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Dear fellow oontzmates 


as follow up to the above good news, 


I mAy NEED to find a temporary room to stay in  


besides reaching out to any peeps that I know-and bedsides using craigslist-

are there any sites/apps you could recommend that you would use/have used yourself? 
I have never done this 

Any response is welcome even through PM, please and thank you 

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dear Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


 still preferred the gene wilder version but you're growing on me..




Dear streaming services in Australia.


 can you please get the rights to:

Turk 182

Predator 1 & 2 (arnie and danny glover versions)


Plus other goodness.


I don't want to pay $6.99 to rent he fuckers.




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On 7/26/2019 at 4:47 PM, SMdoubleXL said:

Dear beautiful people, 

 I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more. 


I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is completely different and I am genuinely and soulfully happy. Pittsburgh living. (Left Vegas 2 yrs ago today) currently changing into  different career path and my lil (college grad) baby is so-cal living and recently made it to ‘finalists’ for being a Laker girl. But no further AND equally as proud! I hope you all are happy and healthy or at least on your way. 



Dear Self 


we bout to get happy again. 
see you Sunday 



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Dear Life,

Holy fuck have you taken a turn...2020 started trash and then got worse. Then covid and now it’s better. But overly stressful and also great at the same time. In just a few short weeks I’ve found out about a baby boy my shorty is 4 months knocked with and didn’t know, my business is actually starting to move, I’m clocking A’s in the school shit i started after a 10 year hiatus, and I’ve been procrastinating heavily with art shit I’ve already committed to. Yes i realize that last part isn’t the greatest but I’m working on it and it’s tuff. I reckon that’s the right feeling when you’re starting to kind of not suck at growing and flowing. Peace and love. 


- Noesy 

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Dear NOES @NightmareOnElmStreet


Be about love, be about really honest communication even when and with the kid. Find a path and be about it. Zoom me and my almost 4 year old hahah. Just be very communicative.


Dear oontz, 


Again thankful for you in this time. I've been on 12oz now, longer than I have not been. A small home, a nook forever to retreat to. 


To many more.



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On 2/21/2020 at 10:13 AM, SMdoubleXL said:

Dear Hua Guofang,


still got it 




Dear SM,


Ha! Awesome! I'd actually completely forgotten what I'd sent you and was trying to think what it was, just the other day.


Got to be 10 years ago by now.




PS - your slaps got up in China as well, not sure if I ever sent pics to you, or not.

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