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Dear ________,


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Dear people at the gym,


who the fuck are you?...i see some of the regulars, but whats up with all you new people?

hogging the machines and all up on your cell phones...

doing 45 minutes of cardio on MY favorite machine...

using the squat rack for bicep curls...

etc etc etc


seriously...where did all of you guys come from?!

oh yeah, it's summer time.



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Dear Pornhub,


Can we relax with the step fam porn. Like I never had step siblings and friends that I knew that them never tried to fuck em. You just need to chill with every 2nd video being family members who fuck. I'm trying to get to the good stuff but going below 50% everytime I have to scroll past a ton of taboo shit.

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Dear Magnum OPiss, 


for real. I also have found it hilarious that it seems to be most prominent during the time of Trump’s presidency. (Queue the joke that all Trump supporters are moronic sister fuckers, derp.) nah for real though, its fucking weird. I just read something that basically blamed Game of Thrones and tv, have fun. 



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Dear all, 


Hi, hello, how ah yah? When it rains....It does. I wonder if one actually tried doing things by the book would you still get dumped on??? Probably. I’m back chillin for this very reason. Sounds a tad pessimistic but I honestly believe it’s a good thing. Fuck the police, 4 ever✌?✊? 


- Sincerely, the riddling Noestradimbus 

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 Dear various freight writers from another city to the east,


That line was hectic - nice work. Can't help but wonder if you guys did it same night as the  ones on opposite side of another row.


Looks that way so kudos you guys must have done about 15 each that day/night.


A little bummed out that you covered one of mine but it was toy as so no beef from me.



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Dear people driving on the highway,


Stop getting all close to my ride when merging and gasing your car when we are going 5mph. I'm not gonna hit my brakes to let you in to my lane.  Use your fucking turn signal and go the same speed as everyone else. I get it...... Driving in shitty traffic sucks, we all have places we'd rather be. 

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