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Dear ________,


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Dear new joab...


you're pretty cool... so far anyway... I'll just continue taking my time and making things look affy bonny...


dear deaf people...


I promise I'll learn sign language to at least say hello to you in the mornings...


dear blind man...


I probably wouldn't be brave enough to give you a nail gun considering you can't see a fuckin' thing... but you make a fuckin' bra joab...



Dear girl...


You are lovely, bonny as fuck too... however I get the impression that we are both very different people... for example I am an arsehole and you are not...

I dunno what to do really... I want to take you oot, but just can either see this ending in tears or we'll have a volvo and a labrador in a few years time...


Big Rolf

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Dear Australian government,


Stop being fucking dicks.

Stop treating asylum seekers like subhuman parasites and sending them to die and be abused in offshore "processing" concentration camps.

Please start taxing the bigger end of town more. Stop screwing over the weakest members of the community to favour the big earners.

Start moving past the fixation of a budget surplus when the unemployment rate is rising people are struggling.

Stop slugging mums and working families, the elderly and infirm to favour the worlds richest woman and her ilk.

Start trying to improve the lot of the indigenous Australian people instead of forcing them off their land by economic means.

we used to be a fair country and you're eroding this bit by bit.


OH and call an election so we can get you scumbags out of office sooner.


Schnit "doing well personally but seeing a lot of people out there not doing so well" Zel.


Dear kid who thought I was a cop today while photoing panels,

Calm down - I'm way too fat to be a cop



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dear public enemy

thanks for coming up on mu ipod this morning on the way to work with "harder than you think"

got me pretty psyched

Just - Like -That!




dear panels,

some of you fuckers better be running today - I seen you on instagram so roll through central platforms 16-23 between 12:15 and 1:15pm.

got a mag to publish


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Dear 12oz niggas,


Holy fuck its been a minute. The good homie just inspired a long overdue return. Hope everybody good. Old and new. Miss my homie poz. Haven't scanned to see if that's already been covered. Surely it has. Life's wild, mang. Niggas can't ever seem to remember that shit. Guess that's part of the reason you fall off or don't. Me. Ahh shit. Just being vast. And vague. And workin n'lurkin. Do your boy a solid and point the finger to some cool shit I must have missed these last...fuck....idefk. Two years maybe. I know there's a last login but I'm on beers. And ain't nobody got time fo'dat. Cheerio my niggas. Life is straight. Peace.


-Nasty Noesy

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