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Dear ________,


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dear smdubski,


yes we did :(


we literally tried to squeeze in too many things in the short day and a half we were out there before we had to drive back for school/work/etc.


we did have a good time there though...i visited family I hadnt seen in about 13 years..we saw a vegas show (KA)..got to see freemont street, gambled a bit, and ate at some good spots.


all in all, I really had a great time...my gf ended up losing some money in gambling and was not a fan of the crowded strip and all the walking we did so she wasnt too thrilled about vegas.


we talked about going again but flying in next time just for a couple of days to catch another show (michael jackson's one or circdesoliel's O) and eat at a nice restaurant...hopefully we can catch each other next time were out there!



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this thread wasn't started by suca i don't think

that chick started it about russel stover cherry cordials. what was her name?

wonder if shit got effed up during the migration. or am i just wrong?


Dear !@#$%


It's been a long time since I was on this website. I've been trolling through all the forum to see the new threads, and catch up, but there's not much new to catch up on. Where did everyone go?

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hey there jokes. how ya been?


so. well. there was a huge problem that seemed to go on for several years: many people could not log on - some glitch shit - and stopped bothering to check the site.

then there are quite a few people that just moved on. i know a few of em.

once we lost a critical mass of contributing members, the place lost a lot of steam

i know the powers that be expect traffic to come back like it was before and that may be true

but there are definitely people who left, and are gone forever.

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