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Dear ________,


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Dear RED


good luck homie, wish I could make some serious cash!


Dear UK People


Don't be such ignorant fucktards, please don't vote for far right idiots like UKIP/BNP/EDL/BritainFirst, they will destroy the country.


Dear Birthday


I know I don't care about you, but why do you always make me feel like shit for the run up to it, old age problems!


Dear writer from my town


Fuck you, you jumped up little twat.


Dear Phone


Why you gotta die, I can't be bothered getting you fixed as I hate phone shops, back to 90s no phone steez! Just gutted about all the photos of my son so might have to go to a shop and get it fixed.



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dear 12oz,


im starting a new hobby:


card counting.


wish me luck.




Dear Cali,


dont get fat










Dear redeyedanimal


stay up n*gga mang






Dear Decy


We are disappointed




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the check engine light keeps coming on

last 2 times i had it read it was gas cap.

first time the cap was actually loose, now i'm thinking i just need to get a new one


the coolant though, was gone. . different light. went out after i filled it.

i did a drain and fill last summer, but i didn't fill it to the max, then didn't check it again

i don't fuck with it much cuz it's dex cool.

but, it wasn't overheating on the way down or the way home

just making me stupid nervous, and i guess i have a slow leak for it to suddenly be empty.


otherwise, i guess it's ok.

prolly could use a major tune up,

it's an 01 with 85k



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dear cali,


sorry to hear it.

i'm glad i didn't go to asia this year.

they are shattering heat records.

people are dropping dead.

i guess we got lucky (so far)






128.3°F reading the hottest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan


According to Mr. Burt, the 47°C (116.6°F) measured on May 12 this year is the hottest temperature measured in Southeast Asia in recorded history


Tropical Cyclone Phet the 2nd strongest Arabian Sea storm on record



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hi there fatalist,


not much happened

not much is happening

something about a forum upgrade bein in the works since around the time you left prolly


fist666 tried to hookup with a really fat chick and he couldn't get it up or something

not sure there were any other epic threads you missed.

so i fell in love last night was funny for a few posts.

all in all kinda dead.


i hope you and your family are well





p.s. the bottom thread on Ch0 1st page has a last reply date of 4.22

that should give you an idea of how hardt the drop is off

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Dear Fatalist,


She wasn't super fat, just super trashy. And I got it up, I just couldn't keep it up.


There is a difference between all-dead and mostly-dead.

I'm not sure which this place is. The traffic might as well be the bugs crawling through a corpse dumped in the woods.



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dear symbols,


with the way things have been going in cali (at least here in sacramento), im sure we will have a few days close to or at 110 by the end of summer.






Dear Cali,


I guess my view of what California temp is really skewed. I can only remember it getting past 100 maybe 10 times in my life. But i also live next to the Bay.

I like it hot rather than cold.

I have only traveled through Sacramento a few times.

Is my assumption that it is just hot as fuck there all the time accurate?


Dear Rich People,


Hook me up with your hot daughters so they can drive me around and buy me shit.


Dear Brain,


Figure out if you are going to go cook something or take a poop already.


:heartbeat: BackwaterButthole

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