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Dear ________,


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Dear sleaze side


Personally I hate Dewalt tools. I have owned a few over the years and have sold all of them. None of them have been accurate when I needed it. The only tool I would even think about buying from Dewalt now, is their two speed stationary planer.


Cil, I own a lot of tools.

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Dear Symbols


It depends on what type of quality you are striving to get in making furniture. If I was just roughing out low end plywood, sure it will get by. But if I was cutting a $200 piece of furniture grade plywood, I would not go at it with a circular saw.


The average person can get by on Dewalt, but I think that is because the average person has not been exposed to higher end tools.



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dear oontz...


dewalt are fuckin' pish...


i've bought a £200+ drill and a £500+ chop saw, and i will not buy any more of their products...


the lithu-ion nano battery's lasting less than half of what it should after light use, and the chop saw cuts off the square...


if you're buying tools, and you wanna use and keep them for life, then pay that wee bit extra and buy a hilti... you won't be disappointed...


dear Symbols...


how hard is it to stick to your diet when you're in these far flung exotic lands?


can it be a nightmare sometimes?


dear lass...


whilst you are away i will be leaving the seat up, fartin' and smokin' (oot the windee though) all night long...


Rolf haggis

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Dear oontz


Bosch and Festool are my go to brands. Makita is hit or miss, depending on which tool we are talking about. Hitachi is the same, but I think they got worse when they came up with the newer look to their tools. Porter Cable and Delta have gone really downhill after they were bought by Black and Decker, which also owns Dewalt.



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Dear Decy,


Less than 2 weeks and we're good to go. Also I am proud of you.


You know


<3 TDB



Dear Carnival,


You were amazing.





Dear red







Dear alcohol


It's been fun, but I'm pulling my scheduled sobriety forward a bit. There is hoi sin sauce on the bottom of my Jordans. This is unacceptable.


</3 TDB

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dear Rolf


sticking to being vegetarian is NEVER hard, because i simply will not eat meat

cannot do it

i was telling my dad the other day, i honestly don't know if i would eat it or starve to death if those were my only options.


sticking to being vegan, very challenging.

mainly bc inquiring about ingredients in foreign languages is futile and only makes me look dumb and those people laugh at me haha

it has made me go into a Subway or two.


i've mentioned on here before, every country in the world eats fried potatoes in some form

so i always eat fries

and juice is another important staple

thank goodness i can eat bread, bc that also seems to be popular the world over


i'm a big fan of going to the local market, picking up bread, fruit and juice, and feasting on that

i don't think it's a nightmare, bc i don't have my weeds usually, so i don't have the huge appetite i do at home.

people probably think it's dumb, and i'm missing out on so much, but i don't care.


i also do tons of research before a trip, and usually have picked out a veggie restaurant or two.

i loved loved LOVED Lord of the Fries in Melbourne. i gotta go back there.



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