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Dear ________,


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Dear Rolf,


That was amazingly hilarious, haha.


Dear My muscular system,


Stop being unnecessarily sore, I can't even lift my arms. Grabbing my coffee is leaving me in intense pain, and for seemingly no reason. Thanks.


Dear Dog,


We're going to have some awesome bonding time. And I'm glad I don't have to pick up your monster turds, and I can just leave them in the yard. Word up.



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Dear 12 ounce,


I am disappointed that I had to go to a Spanish Website:




To learn about an American writer getting killed by the police:






http://wn.wsvn.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp?vt1=v&clipFormat=flv&clipId1=9175601&at1=News&h1=Teen's death investigated after police use Taser gun&flvUri=&partnerclipid=


Fucked up business when the police can kill a 18 year old kid for writing graffiti and even the writers/fans do not cover it.

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Dear Dear________


Was covered all over my FB, pretty much every writer/street artist mate I have on there shared. Sad fucking story.


<3 TDB


Dear World,


I hate living in you when it is seen as ok to taser a [talented, passionate] 18 yo boy for running away from graf. I hate living in a world where writing on walls is considered as big a crime as paedophilia.


Sort it.


Yours in hope, TDB


Dear ppl who say "IF HE HADN'T RUN HE'D BE ALIVE"


You try and keep your shit when you know you have not done anything that warrants that many police turning up to terrorise you. Panic, adrenaline, fight or flight - fucking read a book, pussies.


</3 TDB

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Dear Decy,


Yeah man, all is well. Might be in Scotland in the fall, actually, so if I can sort out a cheap connection I'll shoot you a heads up.






Dear Realism,


like that is it? Fucking charming. *cries*


- seekingoutadivorcelawyer



Dearest dears,


I trust you are all well and good. I'd like to be able to say I missed you all but that would be a huge fucking lie. I kid...course I do.


- grdinnit

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To whom it may concern,


according to the current advertising, I do not follow. This is not, however, a statement on my intellect, it only refers to my lack of desire to stay current on trends that others have created. Except that is not at all true, and I still find old trends made by others to be hilarious. Wonk Saggin.





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dear oontz,


the pigs have struck again. but sometimes you gotta kick out their windows. even though it makes matters worse. even though your entire game plan has to switch lanes. the gratification will always be there. fuck cops. and fuck passiveness. breathe easy, oontz people.






Please elaborate. Sounds interesting. I was wondering how life was going for you after your move.




BTW, How's your dog?

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Dear NOES.

fuckin hell man. good luck.

stay focused.


Dear TDB.

last weekend was eh...

HOWEVER this weekend is gonna be one to remember


Dear Pittsburgh,

im coming back, only for a bit this time.

see you soon.


Dear 12ozmatch.com,

oh boy.

here goes nothing.

shit is going down this weekend.



Dear ____________,

holy shiet,

its gonna happen.

im looking forward to it more than i express.

friends before anything. everything else will be a bonus



Miss you all.

hope all is well,



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