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Dear ________,


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Dear 77,






Dear Party,


Please do not suck and make me regret what was a nice night in.


DJing the late late set..




Dear IOU,


Note to self: Living hard ain't easy..



Your Other Self..

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Dear neighbors,


Thanks for keeping it real and being so stereotypically Mexican, even out here in the 'burbs. The bounce house, keg, piñata, BBQ and mariachi band in the front yard makes all my metal and beer fueled late night wrenching seem down right normal.


PS: You might want to move the shirtless, passed out old man in the lawn chair inside, the mosquitos will be out in full force here shortly.



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Dear Self,


Stop doing stupid shit you say your not going to do anymore!







Dear B,


Rule number one when you steal a girls car while she is passed out is don't fuck with the seat settings. I would have never noticed it wasn't parked in the same spot had my feet been able to reach the pedals when I got in this morning. I'm glad you couldn't get your dick hard last night :lol: we both know that was the result of something a little harder than alcohol and caffeine. At least now I won't have to feel like such a whore if I fuck Alex tonight after our date!





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Dear Xfest,


you sucked this year. I couldn't wear my Oakland shirt because according to security... "i know you're not a gangster, but other people might think you are, cause you're wearing an Oakland shirt, so you cant wear that" It's hot and waited in line for a while so im not gonna argue, ran to to the car and changed shirt.


Couldn't wear my A's cap for the same reason....


walk inside and i see people with Oakland shirts and A's caps.... WTF...

Fuck you Xfest. Full of meth heads waiting to watch their leader DMX perform and he still sucked.


In short.... Fuck you Xfest.



- El V.

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Dear Fishglue,


I really enjoy knowing that you've been to so many places i've been to. When I travel to different far off cities, or just on my bike ride home after a hard day, it's comforting to see you've been doing your thing. Provides a strange sense of comfort, and a smile on my face in this crazy mixed up world.

Mine and F.word, same to you. thanks for brightening my days. play on playas!





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Dear Work,


Either listen to my opinion on the potential new hire or leave me the fuck out of it, cos it's a waste of my time, like so much else about this job.





Dear CoB College,


Please come back to me with good news.


<3 TDB



Dear Dear _________ thread,


Good lucks/positive vibes would be appreciated.


<3 TDB



Dear Decy,


Hahah you're a faggot and homo. I never knew! Ah well, 18 days. You know.


<3 TDB x

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