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Dear ________,


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Dear Decy,

Yeah, that's like 95% of my office. I work in a law firm for crissakes, so that's kinda expected, but damn when I first started here a while ago I expected them to have a little bit of class. It doesn't exist with them.




Dear Cilone,

Everyone in my office is at least 15 years my senior. 100% immature overeducated yuppie snobs with no respect. There's one person thats nice enough to talk to me, but snitches since he's the boss's chronie.

Punch them all.


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had a roommate that was actually an informant placed in my house ove 5 years ago. Dude always asked way too many questions, but I never thought twice about it until swat showed up at the door, fully equipped and dressed.


I had a roommate in college in the dorms that was gay, which is fine, until I wake up to the sound of asspounding at 3am and there is no divider in the room. That was extremely gross and awkward for me, not to mention the whole fuckin dorm smelled like shit...


I had a roommate (at two different places, same guy) that had to spend about 30 minutes, i shit you not, clearing mucus and phlegm out of his throat first thing in the morning, and I woke up almost every morning to the sound of ungodly havking and coughing and wheezing. Even when we were an entire house length apart in a 5 bedroom house, I could hear him caughing and gagging and wheezing. Fucking gross to hear everyday, the first thing of the day.


I had a roommate in that was into this 'street art' shit that used to leave at like 10 or 11 pm, and not get home until 3 or 4 in the morning, with ink and paint all over his hands, high from paint, and smoked weed like a fucking chimney, swear to god he smoked like 7 grams a day for most of the time we lived together. This fucker had hundreds of cans of paint, and markers, and stickers and shit, and that asshole ended up getting the swat team called to the house and everybody except one of us got arrested.... (Oh, wait.... one of those bad roommates was me....)



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Dear TDB,


moved into my exgf's apartment when I was about 20. granted it was her spot that i moved into....paid my half of rent for a month..we got on each other's nerves the whole time..i up and moved one week later, never got any of my money back...broke up about a year later..she was a bitch.



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Dear Cali


That idea sounds like gold. When I lived in Cali during the 90s, I was almost trapped into a threesome with two fatties. My friends wife did not let my drunk self go with them. I was too drunk to even realize. It was the end of the night and those two tried trapping me, just like a guy who tries to get a girl in the last last minutes before a club closes.



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Dear Oontz,


You amaze me every day. That is some excellent shit down there.


Dear Decy,


You know. 1 sleep, though it's going to be of a sleep and more of an exercise in sound torture and emotional endurace dear fuck what the fuck is that vocal sample doing? xx


Dear Inj,


Also thanks :) You're a good egg. Such a good egg I have just used a phrase that has never passed my lips before.


Dear house I live in,


Of course the only warehouse party I'm gonna see is shitty fucking TSH TSH TSH TSH TSH house. 10 hours of the same fucking 4/4 beat. And ofc you're soundchecking at 7:20, and have been since 6:40ish. I LIKE BREAKS GODDAMNIT.


Dear TDB,


Get through tonight without drinking and you can some new kicks on Tuesday. And new sketchbooks.

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Dear TDB,


You did it, you got through that insane party without a single bit of booze. ALso, you def need to move. You were so tired you managed to sleep through 3.5 hours of club-decibel house then an afterparty.


I'm actually impressed with myself. You def get new sneaks Tuesday. Yay!


Dear Decy,


See you later :D


Dear 120z,



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