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Dear ________,


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dear baby my gf was due to have two days ago.


Hurry the fuck up!

Looking forward to meeting you and having a lot of trouble focussing at work..


each day you chill out in there you make me re do my handover notes for my workmates.....

plus my girlfriend is really tired and sore and wants to meet you as well.


Poppa to be schnitz

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Dear !@#$%


not as yet - but if nothing tonight, tomorrow she's booked in so either way it's gonna be cool!


travelling days are over and I kind of couldn't be happier!





dear schnitz


AWWWWWWW. good luck!






dear symbols...


this vegetarian life is the fuckin' business...


Rolf (vegetarian) Haggis


ken like ah that haggis yi get wi ah the nuts an that in it ken?




dear VegHaggis


glad you like it

i'm enjoying veganism.

tell ya what, someone found out how old i was the other day and straight would not believe it

i attribute it partly to vegetarianism.

many rewards

and of course, pat yourself on the back, cuz vegetarians do more to help the environment than any other lifestyle change



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dear Schnitzel...




i realise i'm late on that...



dear symbols...


cheery! i've kind of done it by accident. tried eating healthier foods, and then decided not to bother with teh meat again... i do look a lot better, even if i've been drinking beer the night before, i don't wake up anywhere near as rough and looking like an aids victim for the rest of the day...


Dear potential new joab...


can you please get back to me as soon as humanly possible...


I really am beginning to understand why psychopaths shoot up their entire workplaces...


Dear mate...


I don't know if it's justified you "pushing" your girlfriend after she belted you in the coupon...


I don't care too much either, but can you please sort that shit out instead of asking me to go and shoot water balloons that are hanging off of trees in the middle of some fuckin' damp pishy forest miles away... i would rather watch the rangers play fitba'...



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Dear coworker,


sorry I had to snitch you out to management, but you are a fucker and I'm not going to lose this job because you can't do your job right. Shoulda let that kid punch you in the face too, but I didn't want to see anyone go to jail. Consider yourself lucky, you whiny little bitch.



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