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Dear ________,


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dear anyone with paypal/computer/i dont even know knowledge,


i got a email to confirm a paypal account for a dude from China. i am not this dude from china. should i be concerned this dude has gotten ahold of information of mine, or just trying to use my email address fo some shit? im currently on the paypal site trying to find some customer service shit, but everything i've found you need to friggin log in to a account to report the problem..



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dear bank account

since december i have done miami once, sf 3 times, idaho twice, denver/boulder, a road trip from sacramento to sf la sd and tijuana, and am going back to sac in a month. 7 plane trips and 3 road trips in 9 months... no wonder im broke as a joke.




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Dear Christeeeezy.

Congratulations. sincerely.



Dear !@#$%, (and the rest of the thread)

yes, i wrote it down wrong...i am not surprised with the blur i have been in in the past few months.

however, as you know, even if I were to get in touch with some people, the whole college thing took up every bit of my time and energy. (not to mention all my money)


I spent 13 days on the road, we had the smoothest travels, nothing went wrong, and had a blast with my kid..we were really blessed in that aspect.

I will warn you all..but as much as I was warned, nothing coulda prepared me for the 'let go'


I actually had to have a friend fly out to help me get back home because I had never felt so lost in my life, without my litttle co-pilot next to me.


I cried and cried, and it was triggered by ANYTHING.

Each day that passes, and I hear she is ok, and doing so good, it makes it easier to cope. I have stopped crying and just anticipate hearing about her progress and her adventures.

I loved Pittsburgh, and I hope it treats my child well...and if all goes as planned I will call it home next year.


I have re-located out of Vegas even, but will be returning once or twice a month to make my $$ still.


When I have some time..ill dig up one of those travel threads and posts some pics.


Thank you all for lettin me vent and pop in occasionally to vent.

love you all...and miss my oontz people.



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Dear Caligula.

I might actually have a bit more play time on the oontz now that i will only have to work a week -2 weeks during the month.--and just play time in general.



positive yes. we block any and every neg comment that comes our way.

you'll see..with that beautiful baby girl...make every minute count. dont ever say "man, where did the time go" or worry about what the future holds..because when you get so wrapped up worrying about the future, ya tend to forget about today. I rambling on, you have probably heard all kinds of advice, so i wont bore ya with much.


goodnight all, sweet dreams

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dear cali


hope you had a good day

mine passed recently and ooooff. can't believe how much time is passing.

can't complain though.

and i'll be off to greece soon so, yay.






dear sm


glad to hear things are going well.

tough times i'm sure but sounds like it'll be fine

good for you




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dear life,


i don't fucking like you still. Never have, probably never will. Not to be dramatic, but I think you are a piece of shit and if you don't change your ways soon, I may have to leave you. Fuck off, straighten up.




Dear god/jesus/allah/etc,


you are a faggot, I bet your favorite drink is a raspberry twatateenie you fucking little bitch. /visiblyupset.






don't do anything to disappoint your mom. You know she's still with you, don't ignore it. But you are right, god/yahwe/allah/muhammad/jesus is a huge faggot. Probably doing faggot shit right now, like driving a really really loud vehicle through a quiet peaceful area..




ps.... fuck this shit, i'm about to fall off the deep end again.

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