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Dear ________,


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Dear grd,


Thank you for the kind thoughts.




Dear last night,


Not that walking home at 5 in the morning being offered blowjobs and hash every half block wasn't fun, but you probably should have just made me stay at the first bar.



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Dear Realism


That sucks you should go back there punch them in the face and steal stuff.


Dear Life


Give me some fucking money so I can move out of this hell hole and away from this woman, I need my own place otherwise im gonna go fucking insane.


fed up



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dear slumlord,


i will enjoy every moment of spending money on a lawyer to burn you for the last year and a halfs rent if i find ANYTHING in my room not in the same place i left it. fucking faggot slumlords. tenants at will can fuck you up real quick guy.



and dear dude, claiming that you wrote my word for a couple years in the 80's stfu. never heard of you braH. been at it 12 years. walk away homie.



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Dear Cunt who stole my bike


I fucking have you on CCTV and if I fucking see you then you better believe im gonna cut your fucking throat open, you fucking scummy piece of fucking shit, I will not rest til I fucking break your bones.


Fucking ready to go postal



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dear decy...


cheers, i'm gonna try and save the beer money for a BMW though...


i hope you get that wee cararvan dwelling tinky bastard that stole yir bike tae...


dear massgraff...


i wasn't oot of a job, technically speaking... i was self-employed...


so when i had work, the money was bra...


now though i'll be gettin' a shitey wage, but it's money every week ken? an maybe even a wee van to drive aboot in tae...


the more you ken...


off to le boozer Rolf

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Dear American intelligence services,


I accidentally downloaded a bunch of jihadist magazines written in English while I was doing some research. They were riddled with advisories to cover your Interweb tracks when searching for, obtaining, and contacting the magazine. Whoops.



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Dear Decy,


that sucks! Money down it's ringland peoples. I ohpe you get it back!


- grd



Dear Rolf,


I'll say it again, well done you!!


- grd



Dear Realism,


enjoy the cavity searches and your upcoming holibobs to guantanamo by the bay, I hear it's a lovely resort.


- grd

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