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Dear ________,


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dear womans sister,


....................not sure if you texting my roomate for the last week is evil ploy to come over and attempt to steal me from your sister when you visit from indiana next month..


sincereley elis "midwest no ca$h hustla" sies


p.s... everything bagels are amazing

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Dear Miss Symbols,


I think you live far enough away to be safe from my baby snatching exploits ;)


- grdinnit




Dear friend,


if you have to date a copper, please don't bring him to the pub, it puts a damper on the whole evening and a table full of silent people is excruciating.


- s

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dear womans sister,





sincerely elis should really just open a blog and right this shit down instead of thinking out loud sies.








p.s.. lulz to scale architecture class projects


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dear Grd...


fuck that pish... my cousin's a fuckin' chocolate drop, and he always asks me what my friends are getting up to, drops names that ring bells through oot the toon and what not... and that shite whenever i see him oot in boozers, i just tell him a lot o' fuckin' shite...


it's laughable though, me and a few boys off the site were in a boozer in the toon once and these boys like gettin' fuckin' steamin', i mean like rubber drunk... to the point where they're like morph or something, anyway... this wee baldy boy caught a fuckin' cracker o' a punch in the mooth...


pints get thrown, a few coupons get pummeled, bouncers get involved... then the boabies get phoned...


turns oot my cousin and aboot 6 other off duty boabies were at the other end o' the bar... and just totally rubbered the whole thing... on the whole "nah, nah, we all just got here" caper...


dirty stinkin' shite bags by profession and nature...


swerve her.. even if she's no with that boy at the time. she's probably that way inclined and will waffle shite to him so he gets the overtime and she gets the odd bunch o flowers and/or blow job and meal oot the hoose...


dear dj hardman.


you're iye lettin' ays doon anah...




dear chris...


i dinna ken if you drink as much as me, i dinna really fuckin' care either... however, i realise that you lost your dad to the drink tae... i know you were young, but that doesn't give you an excuse to act like a fuckin' dildo all the time. i realise your girlfriend is hard work, but you're no exactly easy either man, i see the way you act wi weemin' oot and aboot... so how can i convince her you're ahright when i see you're no...


yir a fuckin' rare cunt man.. but i really have to hold back from stickin' the heed on you at times.. really at times you can be a fuckin' minter... i'm sure i am anah...


but you know i'm here for whatever, there's nae fuckin' use livin' in the past...


and dinna be drinkin' bottles o the fuckin' tonic, that shit's full o fuckin' caffine. how're yi gonna sleep that off... fuckin' easier takin' an ecto...


i love yi man.. and yi need to sort yir self oot...


i'll see yi the moarn nae doot...



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Dear Decy,


He's definitely too old now, I was thinking more along the lines of a little one that can't talk yet...more specifically one that can't scream 'help, she's kidnapping me'.


- grdinnit




Dear Rolf,


I like it when you've had a drink and your accent comes out :)

She's okay, I don't see her often and wouldn't say owt to her I wouldn't want known anyway. Loose lips an all innit.


- grdinnit



Dear dears,


I have ANOTHER funeral next week, since the beginning 2012 two of my friends have died of cancer. One most likely preventable. Please wear sunscreen innit.



- sadgrd

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dear respectable fellow oontz members and bitch claiming my name,


so i recently decided to take up an alias for my lil art and stickers

i've been doing for well over the last 6 years. i've had a number of shows

under my real name and am having the first one under said alias this saturday.

now i have another name, naturally, which is completely different then my art shit.

and in the wonderful world of graff n dance one ought to know better than to take

anothers name. however. to the point now. i am wild heated to find out said new alias

is takin by some super hot hipster dj bitch and i have zero intentions on changing it because

i'm older, cooler, and using it for something completely different. thoughts feelings appreciated. thnx.




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dear customer...


please, please dinna be yir fuckin' dick-heed of your usual self tomorrow...


dear work...


please be ahright tomorrow... please be done by aboot the back o' 2... i canna be fucked wi this kickin' the arse oot o' fuckin' five o'clock caper...




dear overseas people...


why in fucks name are people goin' so fuckin' mel gibson bat shit insane for these galaxy foamposites?


there should be a picture of them in the dictionary under "moon boots"


perhaps i am gettng old. or every single 17 year old these days is just a complete fuckin' faggot...



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