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Dear ________,


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dear free tickets



THAT is fucking cool

now please arrive safely so i can get excited about this expensive event that i don't have to pay for!









post it up


i too am ambivalent about starting a crafting type thread about crochet and sewing, because y'all are a bunch of dudes.

but that woodworking shit would be money. i love that stuff and i know lots of others would.

we could use some nice threads in untitled that are not about photos.



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dear cali,


obviously she knows teh secks otherwise she wouldnt be pregnant.




dear christeezy


congrats, i recently became a uncle, and i'm diggin it.. i get to take part in the cool shit and when it becomes responsibility time its back to mommy and daddy haha. its gonna be great when the kid grows up.


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Dear cG & Mr. Cagney,



I actually do not know the sex yet.. I can find out in a couple of weeks which I will but Im pretty sure Im having a girl :) The Doctor yesterday was droppin hints ;)


Im really excited to see how wonderful life will be once the baby is here.. Im definitely a nurturer and already am so in-love with my baby <3




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Dear MacBook Air,


stop fixing my typos when I mean to type them them that way. Teh should be left as such when used in a comedic manner. Don't fix it please. And STOP changing words like lunch to lucy when I miss the N in teh word. (Had to refix teh to say teh every time it says it)

A little angry, but not angry enough to change my settings...



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Dear Christeezy,

Life with a newborn is anything but "wonderful". It's like having a little alcoholic in your house all they do is drink, throw up, shit themselves and pass out. It's not until about 3 months that it starts getting fun, then the crawling starts and it becomes a constant struggle to keep them from killing themselves for the next 3 years. But... I wouldn't trade it for anything. Congrats



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Dear Christeezy,


CUTE! It's nuts they'll hint at the sex so early there, they won't even give a definitive yes or no here at a 22 week scan. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a girl for ya.


- grd




Dear unicorns,


you DO exist!


- me

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Dear Rolferino,


cross platform conversation made me proper 'lol' and that's because, thankfully, drinking to forget really does work! Huzzah!






Dear err you lot,


As I was typing up there the puppy slid off the sofa, she was in such a deep sleep it didn't even wake her. She's SO fucking cute it hurts.


- grd

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Dear Mom, I appologize ahead of time for all the stupid mistakes i have made and all the mistakes I will make from today onward. I'll try to stay good, but i know i wont. Please dont leave me yet. You made me who i am; the weird, ugly, crazy weirdo person i have become. In the spirit of jesse, I will miss you when all the humans are dead.

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dear all the wrong words


interesting day to check this thread for the first time in forever.

we clearly never met- im not the 'cute girls list' type. sorry. i watch football and rarely dress all girly.

dont know why you thought that.





also, aim? really? MUST have been years ago. jeez.

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Dear Ashley Broad,


Words can not express my hatred for you. Though we have never met, but when I watch your show (Hard core Pawn), I hate the faces you make, the tone of your condescending voice, mannerisms, how disgustingly your double chin looks, and your snide comments.

I hope you get gang raped in your poorly wiped shitter and bleed slowly to death or at least a shotgun from your pawn shop shoved in your twat and pull the trigger.


Sir Malin Monster Esq.


PS- Your reproduction organs should have been taken from your fat ass at birth.




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Dear Edoggg,


Firstly, glad you're not dead and all that. Welcome home.


Nope. Never in person buuuuut I may be just basing all this off rumors and tinychat talks.... Yea years back like when premium membership was just announced....


Fuck dressing girly tho.














Dear Twitter,





You're always more fun to be around than facebook. Fb isn't as loving or understanding as you.



Let's keep this between ourselves.







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