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Dear ________,

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Dear fist,


All of my fuck-trophies where planned, and there are still nights I want to go out and go full train wreck. It's like being an indoor cat, you can see the world, you just can't participate in the action.




Dear wifey,


I don't know what the fuck is going on with your ticker, but if you check out on me now after all we went through to be together, I'm gonna be umad.


PS: if you blow off another doctors appt. I may just strangle you myself.



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Dear oontzers,


Thanks for all the concern and tips! My sickness is here n there now instead of everyday like before but thats probably because im getting close to my 2nd trimester :)


Nbb, I remember that post, not sure how long its been but my boyfriend and I are doing so much better, both with jobs, and both moved up in our jobs, we were not expecting this but are no less excited than we wouldve been if we planned it.


!@#$%, I am soo excited to have my own baby now all though my niece will still always be my baby girl! You are soo sweet to offer making those booties for our baby! I would appreciate it so much <3 I will hit u up with mailing info, then in a couple more months let u know what color theyll end up being :) Thank U!



<3 always steezles

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dear grd,


i've been meaning to ask you, maybe i have already and have forgotten.. but did you go see Chuck Ragan when he was in your area a few months back? saw him a month ago and it was worth every penny of the $30 i paid, and putting up with a little Social Distortion. never thought id see 3 guys playing a acoustic, a fiddle, and a stand up bass rocking the fuck out as hard as they were.



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dear wine


why is it that if I drink you I will be awake at 3am puking up my guts? Doesn't happen with other booze, why you gotta be so difficult?




Dear Gemmelis


It was a bad idea that I found out you sell cakes and aren't just a resturant, so much italian cake yesterday could have contributed to the above situation maybe?


Dear Christmas Eve


I am not normally bothered about you but today I am going home to Bristol and seeing my brother and getting mighty drunk, just hope the dog doesn't puke on me in the car ride over!


Dear Son


You cannot communicate purely in song because it is christmas eve, as fun as it may seem, it will get old and tiring quick.


Kinda christmassy


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Dear James Cagney,


I missed him and I'm super jealous you got to see him, what did he play? I've been poorly sick bad so I've been slacking on gigs, I've missed a ton of people I wanted to see the last few weeks alone :(

Just got given tickets for Rollins' spoken word next month which kinda makes up for missing a few gigs this year.


- grdinnit



Dear Decy,


I know one of the brothers that owns/is a chef at Gemelli's, cake discount wooo. They take it to a whole other level innit. I'd stab a granny in the neck with a biro for the hazelnut/cherry cake.


- grdinnit



Dear friend,


I know I got all emo fag and soppy tonight but I meant every fucking word. You are appreciated,


- me



last but not least...


Dear dears and people of oontz,


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you require and desire!


Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!


- grd

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Dear Christmas,


Every year you turn out to be a great disappointment. Next

year can you please stfu and let New Years do the talking. One day

you will be my top holiday. But until then can you please just step aside and let me

and New Years get down without your input.



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Dear Realism,


I did not receive a Macbook Pro (rrp$3500) on Christmas. So I

made sure that all my friends and relatives knew about it on

facebook. In all seriousness my family are a bunch of greedy fucks who

only think about themselves. Didn't even receive card this year man.





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dear little shit,


thanks for stealing my ipod out of my car. you pulled the deck out and left it why? just to make this more annoying for me? i hope my gloves fit you, also. if i find you i will run you over and bury you in the woods.




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dear mp3 player manufacturers,


why is apple the only choice for high capacity players? have you just given up on the market? i paid $250 for my 160 gig ipod 4 years ago, and I can find it on sale for $229 today. That is old technology, so why has the price not really dropped? monopolistic bastards. every other piece of technology (other than a TI 83) loses value as it ages, why not you ipod? you fuckers. i'm stuck buying you again because i need atleast 100 gigs an nobody offers that but you. and i'm resentful.





dear decy,


sorry about your cat.



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