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Dear ________,


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you can buy me a burrito anytime

if i get out your way again soon i'll surely let you know, i owe suki a visit

(even though she's never been here)

yknow, good luck on everything, do well.. we have some great schools out here haha i've even worked at a couple.






dear dears


heavy drugs envelope the mind too much to appeal to me anymore

which is why i wonder if i'd be a lot better off sotally tober.

..everytime i go on a long vacation and don't smoke

i come back and start again and those first few times, it kinda sucks.. i have to build it up in my system to even get back to enjoying it..

fuckin hell, this is tougher than it needs to be but i've learned that it's become a deeply ingrained habit, hardly what i'd call moderation.

time to get away.

luckily i have a decent amount to try to ween offa it.

we'll see.. it's so available i could easily fail miserably.



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Dear cunts who ruined my weekend,


fuck you, I hope you contract a disease there's no cure for.





Dear creepy dick head at the gym,


approaching someone while they're on a speed bag and asking if they can chat, really?

ain't never gonna happen son



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dear bitches on facebook


y u put space between last word and exclamation point ?

and y u put exclamation point after every sentence ?



Mr. Turtz







Dear youtube commenters,


why the fuck do yous argue on every fucking video about lili wayne being better than eminem?




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dear redeye


i know exactly what you mean

the difference is, alcohol made me feel crappy when i drank it

and i consumed so fucking much, i knew there was nothing more it could do.

or the pills, they just don't fuck me up like they did. not all that fun. and i don't miss it.


but pot doesn't make me feel shitty at all.. it still is just as nice as it ever was

it's just the process of getting it, the other stuff i could be spending that money on

starting to feel like it isn't worth it


i am somewhat envious of people who start getting anxiety from pot as they get old, i know tons of people that happened to.

still hasn't happened to me, but i know the second it did, i'd be done.

fuggit, still might be done anyway. time will tell.


thanks everyone, for the feedback. i can see why people love 12 step

though it's not for me.



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dear Grd...


should've punched boyo in the coupon...


yi dinna half get some right fuckin' wierd-o beasty pedos hanging aboot gyms iye..?



dear symbols...


beware of the roofers... it's pretty difficult to tell how much work people are doing up there...


they are liable to take piss...



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dear self


what the fuck happened last night, rough cider on the apple is not a good idea, which the projectile vomiting this morning pretty much verified as a bad idea.


also when you go drinking dont take cans of paint and markers with you, i have a vague recollection of lots of tags :/



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dear red,


cant wait to see some new sushi flicks!





dear symbols,


i would love to go to school out there, but doesnt your city have one of the highest murder rates in the entire country?...i remember seeing a nickname for your city that was kind of disturbing.




dear amnesia,





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dear hen night....


you all looked like a large pack of retired/retarded racing greyhounds that have really, really seriously let them selves go since retirement... and to be honest... i''ve seen much better legs on greyhounds than half o' you cunts... better eyes and faces too if i'm gonna be really honest... i'd probably rather wake up next to an alsatian then next to any one of you cunts...


apart from the blonde one, i'd shag her, but i wouldn't walk aboot the toon with her...


she was more labrador than alsation, i'd be guaranteed a lick back if one was to groom her...


and perhaps a wee cozy after tae...


please excuse one's verbal waffles...



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dear dear thread...


where the fuck is ah cunt? (everyone...)




dear sparky...


you fuckin' barkin' at the customer today was fuckin' bang oot o' order...


we phone you, give you work, then you make us look like fuckin' dick heeds for recommending yi... cheery aye?...


then i'm left there lookin' like an even bigger dick. fuckin' healthy bad gemes... not on at all...


you need to realise that they pay yir fuckin' wages... no fuckin' me and my ald man... dickheed


stop bashin ahead with oot any concern fir any cunt else...other trades need to come in at the back o' yi (pause)



dear ex, you are an arsewipe and i really hope i dinna see you on friday. i know it's more than likely that i will, but i really could do with oot the awkwardness... you are too much of a fuckin' cheesey belter to speak to me, not that i could give any more of a fuck if i tried...


(keep tryin' to dance off all those kebabs... yir pissin' right in the fuckin wind...)


i'd just really rather you just weren't there because you are a cunt...


you're no a good cunt like my pals or fuck all, you're just a fuckin' whoorin' cunt... a whooorin cunt o' the highest order...


fuckin' bedtime fir bloooooooooooootered ROLF

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Dear Rolf,


dust is of no consequence to the almighty. Innit






Dear ex in-laws,


wow, you take emotional blackmail to some whole other level. Shame I'm too much of a cunt to care eh?


love and kisses, me.

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Please BAN these two dumb ass dudes ruining my Modesto 209 thread more than it's alreaDy ruined. It's like come on don't kick a dog while it's down situation. Threads been chillin for a few years now let's us at least have the decency to view our thread without this two homos ruining it.







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