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Dear ________,


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Well in that case...


Dear IR,


I live in the UK, I'm almost 100% certain there are no spiders like that here. Thankfully.


- grd



Dear Miss Symbols,


sorry, but it really was a them or me situation. I have no desire to eat spiders in my sleep so they had to go. I do feel kinda bad about it but not so much so it will stop me in the future.





Dear Twitter,


that was an interesting read.


- me



Dear Friday,


FUCK YEAH, I propose we get wasted and make some bad decisions.



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Dear dreas,


iI'm a bit tsipy. It was so wwerid cos I felt fine but now not soi much. BUT yay

My boys sare AWESOME!! Clwb was AWESONE!!





you owe me anifty



Dearr eastsnowflakes

I can't quitre understand right now. Tomorrow fo sho I will do my bestestest to furnish you with an answer



hic :) sleeeeep

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word, i was eeking at that thing that was posted. wowzers.

anyway, how's the money situation? you had to get a boiler or some shit? get plane tickets.







dear dogs


you're lazy and awesome

and i lubb you



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Dear grd,


I like how your past two posts sync up with one another. Points for continuity.




Dear shitty television, Corona, and piffweed,


I'm glad I could host for you this evening, you're pretty entertaining all things considered.




Dear 4th of July,


I guess I'll be celebrating tomorrow after work. Massive amounts of alcohol+friends+extreme fatigue will no doubt result in some fun. The past two 4th's have been dope, hopefully you measure up.



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dear Noes


harm the owner it is his fault more than the dogs, but I did post some suggestions


dear 12oz spider scaredy cats


it is just a spider, although I did just scare the hel outta my wife by pointing out a huge spider walking towards here

knight in shining armour moment


happy to not be scared of spiders



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dear oontzers of the dear thread,


how was your weekends?


mine consisted of shooting off about $2-3000 worth of fireworks on a beach with a roughly 200+ people, eating incredible food all weekend, bar hopping, hard boozing and a fight with bouncers/bar owners/random heros for denying 20 or so fun loving, money spending patrons access to a bar we go to all the time in the summer, and in their "off" season.


the fireworks we're fucking awesome, some shits called tornado bombs someone got 30 of for 15 bucks, which were basically just loud ass bangs and flashes. the other shit was a lot of the big box kinds that shoot off like 12 single big fireworks, like 3 huge ones at once, or that shoot off like 4 sets of 12 in a row.


then came out the mortars. myself and my wasted ass friend were in charge of those. the first one he tries to set off.. he burns the shit out of his hand and drops it from like a foot above the actual launcher. it lands in the sand, i realize he missed it, grab him and we took off running. thing explodes and the crowd gets showered in colorful flaming bits, yelling all sorts of "AAHHH"s "OH MY GOD"s and "WHAT THE FUUUCK"s, my leg got burned in like 4 different spots and was bleeding from 2 little wounds, nothing serious so we lol'd and went back down.. the 2nd one he was dropping in correctly, but tried to drop it in upside down, so i was in charge from there on out and all went smooth.


then we gather all the boxes and shit and set a 10 ft fire. as we're standing there 2 of my friends uncles takes one of the mortars and tosses into the fire and runs away giggling like a schoolgirl, we follow. same thing happens, crowd screams as they get showered in flaming colorful bits, except this explosion was a lot closer than the mishap we had and this time i got blasted in the chest by something.. no harm so we continued to lol. cops come racing down the beach, throw sand on our fire as we stand around yelling at them for being freedom hating pussys. they drive off and lurk in the shadows, i find 3 mortars left behind, light them in whip them down the beach for final and biggest round of showering the crowd with firework bits, and apparently that was the line for the cops. we got swarmed, 50 people take off running, some poor bastard that wasnt with us got speared by goldberg and a couple knees to the head as the rest of us ran back to the house and went about our night.


firework session was a fun one.



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dear cags


sounds awesome!

my weekend was nowhere near that exciting but hey, for me these days that's good.

just some painting, dog time.. chillin.

and really, ready for this houseguest to find something better to do than sit in my guest room and prevent me from working on my sewing projects.






dear houseguest,

you seem to have a fucking ton of money, and you've been online shopping.

why do you just stay in this city all the time? and do nothing/go nowhere except occasionally, the grocery store or local bar??

we're close to a lot of shit, a lot of cities, lots of transportation options

what happened to your 4 days in nyc? why not go to chicago by yourself? how bout rent a car and drive it anywhere?

you flew all the way to the states from oz, to watch southpark on your computer in my extra bedroom??



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dear symbols,


sounds like a good old fashioned relaxing weekend though. sounds like your houseguest is wasting what could be their good time too ha. if i'm going on a trip anywhere i hardly keep my phone on me. nevermind thinking about sitting in a room watching a tv show. i never understand shit like that.. people go on vacations or trips and sit on their smartphones and checking out facebook or watching tv in a hotel room or some shit, crazy bastards.



we go to the same spot every year for the 4th for a big ole weekend long party of family and friends. every years eventful in one way or another but some years get crazier than others. it was a good one though.

my buddy and his girlfriend while out on a late night walk actually came across some girl they think was thinking about jumping off this bridge. i guess as they were walking up she was balling her eyes out and was stepping up onto the lower railing and got down crying even harder. they stopped and talked to her for awhile and she calmed down i guess. they said it had something to do with her boyfriend.. no bueno.



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dear cags,


word, very relaxing. i slept for 10 hours last night haha.. too much weed i think.


i STILL am flabbergasted by this guy's actions.

as a world traveler myself, i cannot fathom going to paris or even krakow and spending my entire time there in a room. why bother to come all this way to do some online shopping?! we're on the freakin east coast too, there is literally no reason this fool couldn't go anywhere from miami to maine to montreal.


plus he's just fucking up my ability to enjoy my home.



well JC, maybe your buds saved a life. nice.

but no one should think about ending it because of some man probs though sheesh



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dear casey anthony



does your trial illustrate how dumb people are

how fucked our justice system is

how easy it is to get away with murder

or all of the above?


dunno, but you're the world's biggest cunt

and i hope your daughter haunts you forever



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