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Dear ________,

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Dear beautiful people,   I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more.    I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is compl

Dear 12oz,           Your boy got the promotion! I will now have my own retail store to run. Achieving life long dreams.   superstokedmicahhawaiioner

Dear Oontz Fam, Hope ya'll been safe.    Love,  Seyer McMaskon

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Dear Freak,


No, it was not your influence.


Dear San Antonio Childrens Film Festival, "Best Kids Movie of The Year" title might be best left to something that does not depict war and children starving to death with stark reality and frankness.



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dear JAER


didn't you get banned for acting up in the 831 thread?

people act a fool. it happens.

but i'll keep an eye on ol divine..









dear western-part-of-the-state-weather


just don't let the snow melt before this weekend

and don't rain anymore. just snow.

k thx






dear bikini


meet hot tub










dear flickr benchers



pretty amazing some of the stuff that's been getting caught

either it was living under a rock or for some reason i'm getting popular



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dear flourescent microscope,

we are gonna rassle soon buddy..imma fuck u up...ur seriously making my blood boil...i really hope i dont gotta order new supplies.



Dear Biotech companies,

seriously fuck u..why have u caused me so much distresss.

fuck you,


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Dear life,


I love life

But you know what?

Sometimes it comes at you fast.

My sister juat called me

Older, not my cunt younger one. Fuck just read that. Sorry love but now I know how brother felt when I started dating.

My dad just had emergency surgery. He essentially had his bellt button removed along with a 9 lb tumor fromhis belly. There is a 2% chance the cancer is benine. Benining? What the fuck ever.

There is a 2 percent chance that cancer will not kill my father.

Fuck my life



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dear freekee


need some help?

i'm a molecular biologist







dear SMXXL


thx for the message, cool you might be one of those peeps.


you have a heliobacter pylori ulcer? or stress related?

feel better :(



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dear h. pylori,


it disgusts me to think that a cause for you is fecal matter found in food.

it disgusted me when i learned this a few years back, and it still disgusts me today.





that being said...


dear restaurant employees,


please wash your hands before returning to work from the bathroom so i dont get an h. pylori ulcer.



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dear people that have their toothbrushes near the toilet,


you know that everytime you flush, you get microscopic pieces of shit on your brush right?

keep your toothbrush covered and far away from the toilet and flush with the seat cover down.





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