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Dear ________,


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i'm talking to someone tomorrow about helping out at the sushi stand twice a week through the summer. The company supposedly holds conferences and seminars to teach techniques and new rolls. Definitely looking forward to it, tax free pay. :D Maybe i'll finally get those damn pics you've been waiting on for a year...



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dear benadryl,


i'm not sure i can fall asleep without you. Shits

about to be real annoying for a few days but i cant

be dreaming about spree killing, hard drugs, jail

and getting injured any more. Why cant you help

me sleep and produce vivid good dreams instead.


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dear prick mate again...


there's nae danger i'm travelling over a hundred miles to babysit your bird while your coked oot your nut listening to banging techno all night in an overpriced sweaty club...


if you think i'm spending a fair chunk o' my wage just because you feel everyone should go fuckin' mental for your 23rd then you're pissin' in the wind sunshine...

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