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Dear ________,

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Dear beautiful people,   I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more.    I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is compl

Dear 12oz,           Your boy got the promotion! I will now have my own retail store to run. Achieving life long dreams.   superstokedmicahhawaiioner

Dear Oontz Fam, Hope ya'll been safe.    Love,  Seyer McMaskon

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dear b-fish,

your big day is almost here.

don't stress, let your aunt handle it.

can't wait to see you in your frock!

sorry i couldnt get cali to rent a pink tux and

a top hat.

im excited! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

<3 ssn


dear giants,

sorry im missing the game

this weekend.

<3 ssn

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Dear BBShoes,

Is that a compliment? I've never seen that show.

Let me help you with that..Not wierd, just a wee bit off.

I do something that takes less work cuz im lazy like that..nails..woohoo.

Add a few Lbs, over a foot of hair, make it black, add a few tattoos

and there you have me. I dont know what her personality is like, but I have a stank ass perosnality and have been called more names than my birthmother gave me.

maybe i'll send u more of a visual aide.


have a good night


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Dear whoever may care,

So apparently if I were to Fuck up at my new position and a plane crashed, I could go to jail...awesome.


Also, multiple Gordon IPA's plus jameson is good.


And, I'm fairly drunk so I will stop typing... but the extremely drunk rednecks here at the bar need to shut the Fuck up and leave... but the blonde big tittied chick can kick it


No one really cares...but I'm going to rant anyways...


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Dear someone with a bigger imagination than myself,


My girlfriend at work gave me her card from her phone to pull some pictuires off it for a little project. I came across this picture, and am puzzled. She does do waxing, (face and body), so it's obvious this is hairy body parts getting waxed...but I'm not sure which part.

Anyone recognize this? I have an idea, but something still doesnt look right.


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Dear Summer,


Listen here summer baby, I just believe it's the right thing to do

I gotta brand new bitch, corporate America

She showing me a lot of action right now

And I know you put me on my feet and all, but

I mean, it's time for me to grow

You gotta let me go baby, you gotta let me go


I'm done for now, so one for now

Possibly forever, we had fun together

But like all good things, we must come to an end



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