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Dear ________,

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Dear beautiful people,   I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more.    I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is compl

Dear 12oz,           Your boy got the promotion! I will now have my own retail store to run. Achieving life long dreams.   superstokedmicahhawaiioner

Dear Oontz Fam, Hope ya'll been safe.    Love,  Seyer McMaskon

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Garden hoe back from the dead



Dear ssn & ralphy,

didn't the padres lose 100 games last year?



dear diary,

fuck it never seems like I have enough hours in a day. Never enough days in the week. Weeks in a month. Rents almost due again already. God damn. About to be 5 years away from 30. Shit where did it go? Wasting time on here I guess. Video games. Stoned or drunk. What a waste. When your a kid you keep hoping to get older. Then the next thing you know...well yeah. Still got plenty of time. I guess. Need to be more active. Stop using gas prices as a reason to not go anywhere. maybe start using the gym at the community college. Thinking about sitting in on an American history class. not registering just GOING. Fuck, who am I typing this to?

- 4x4

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo




Real talk.

The schedule is going to get tough in the next few series.

We will see what this team is really made of.




Dear thread,


Mexico or costa rica for my honeymoon?


Puerta villarta looked sick in a recently in the days in pies....







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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Dear Lady Gaga, here's Sir Gaga, they are watching us because I'm carrying The Phoenix Stardom Of Snowwhite Lady Gaga - Or My Secret Vault Relationship With Her everywhere, to the bank, to the restaurant, to the church, to the supermarket, even to the toilet, flasing my own Lady Gaga Sixth Gospel pentagram at the staring people.

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Dear Chefs, Health nuts, or foodies etc in this thread,


How can I make oatmeal easier for me to eat without

adding hella sugar? I can't seem to eat it without feeling

like throwing up, but I wan't to eat it cause its healthier than

cream cheese and bagel. =/




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