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Dear ________,

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


dear paris hilton sex tape,




for real what the fuck... i have never felt so uncomfortable whatching a naked woman in all my life, i. my face looked like this smiley :crap: the whole video.


why is this in existance?




sincerely elis

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Dear Shit,


Yeah...i entered a battle once and me and this other cat were the only 2 left...


they made me go first and after i went, the dude couldnt even rap....he kept messing up and stuttering....so he just gave up....


then they gave he a second chance...and messed up some more...

in the end, i won $50.




p.s. yeah, i saw you complaining that people were calling you shit$streak in another thread.

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


dear kinda ugly ho that likes me,


ill bang you as long as you tell no one.




ps: i know your going to tell everyone, so just know i'll deny that shit till i die

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Dear Suki,


We haven't talked in forever. I'm still going to get my ass out to Cali one of these days. And we will get drunk and wild out. :)




dear gucciplaya,

that's because you have been very busy with the ladies, or shall i say sluts?

<3 ssn


p.s. me + you + drunkz = wild out

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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


dear weather from yesterday


i have nothing but contempt for you

do you know how hard it was to light my wini gold with all that fucking rain and wind?

pretty fucking hard

and now the pub i work at is fucking packed because winter is coming

i need a cigarette





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Re: Dear ________, - no homo


Dear Yesterday,


You were so unexpected. Hiking, drinks, the best fucking sushi I have ever had. White tuna!! Oyster shooters w/smelt&caviar.. Wow. Seriously I don't think I can go anywhere else for sushi.




Dear Body,


Stop trying to die you pussy. Constantly being sick is some wack fucking bullshit. STOP IT!!




Dear Dodgers,


Lets fucking make it two straight.



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