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Dear ________,


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Dear Russel Stover,

please tell whoever is ejaculating into your cordial cherries to please stop. thought i just bought an unfortunate batch at first, but the next time- same thing. im sure he can find another place to release his pleasure juice. thank you.







Dear Univrsity of Oregon,

i tihnk you made a bad decesion in letting Xhibit pimp your football jerseys. metal grating and helmet decals should be saved for a mini van driven by a nerdy asian. if you want my advice, go back to basics. youve alreaqdy exceeded the XFL absurdness.





let me save you the trouble




"dear edoggg,

dont create threads for ranting/venting. thanks, ________."

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Dear Marc Ecko,

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your graffiti game turned out to be a joke among the "graff culture". im sure this is a shock, we all thought it would do very very well and be ultimatly respected, but alas we were all wrong. please do better market research before you release your next game to avoid being indefinatly mocked. or, just dont make any more games. or clothes. or shoes.

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Besides blabbidy blah blah blahd (aka I have been drinking)

Dear Peoples of 120z,

I am not a total hater. i swear. Also, I just smoked a cigarette while peeing - mid post, didn't wash. But what I really wanted to tell you is that my friend moved very far away and I send emails to him, now and then. More now than then. They might begin, ________,

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