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The Poem ultimatum



If you are the boy of this Fake Poem, this is now the time to step in and talk some sense into that boy, because I want to make this clear here and now that I am not playing anymore! The ultimatum is as follows: If come January 1st his name has not changed from (Poem or Poem One wherever it is displayed) this includes here on Myspace, the 50mm site etc, all of his shit including his Jock Hopping boy who contacted me recently will start getting there shit ragged wherever it stands. I am NOT playing; I want to reiterate that, they will see the influence I have out there for sure… I consider myself to be a sensible person, I know there is no need for this but to show toys I am serious it will be done! Because calling yourself Poem or Poem One is you trying to pass yourself off as me, this will no longer be tolerated at all!



- There will be none of this East Coast – West Coast Poem shit, (because I am the original (with 27 years of rocking shit)

- He may call himself Poem 2, or Poem 2002 I do not care (Poem or Poem One is not available)

- Once this name change has taken place I will drop the comment on myspace and go about my business.


For those of you who offered to start slashing the fake Poems shit for me, like I said here, I am giving him until January 1st to come correct, if at that time he chooses not to comply you may start ragging his shit along with his boy just for talking shit.


Feel free to put my name on both if you wish.


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