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so i took adderall


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i needed to get a lot of work done and study last night, so i decided to take an adderall.


ive heard about it for a while but never thought about taking it. but seeing as how i waited till the last minute to get a lot done.. i was like fuck it.. the shit worked.


stayed up until 4 am studying for this math test. i actually did every problem and worked on every problem until i understanded it completly. in addition i got pretty high and it made my high doper because i was all alert and ready to go instead of sitting infront of the tv half dead.


i dont know what my point is. im taking the test in an hour. ill let you know.

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You probably won't do as well as you expect. memory is state-dependent, ie if you memorize a bunch of shit while your high or drunk your much less likely to remember it sober. and vice versa.


So then wouldnt that mean that you'd have to be high or drunk to remember everything.

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