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stop what you're doing and watch this shit.


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i tried to download it so i could read the posts, but it was some gay extension or something. weak.


really? damn, dude. sorry. oh, wait...you're on a mac? it's in wmv format.


let's see....i can transcribe the posts for you....




first post is seeking:(to eastbay) you're just mad because your girlfriend likes me more than you



second post is the goon talking about how he's glad he didn't make it to any of the movies.



after "GRANTED THE POWER HE ALWAYS WANTED", it's glik0 telling me i can give anyone aids.





i'll figure this whole youtube thing out. it's pretty hard to get the quality in line with their guidelines

without some distortion.

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for some reason, anytime i open a wmv file, it automatically converts it to mp3. guess thats just how i'll have to roll.

in the future you should blow the text up in the movies for idiots like me.


watching those almost makes me want to kill some time and make my own. i wont of course, but it would be funny in theory.

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