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I'm workin my ass off today


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I worked 5-2, then came home for a 4 hour nap. In a few minutes I'm jumpin in the shower, gettin dressed, then bouncing 10-2. After I leave the club I'm gunna come home, eat, change, then head to work and do like a 3-12 shift.


I'm gunna be dead ass tired, but I'll be gettin out at noon with the weekend off, so i guess I really can't complain

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Today at my job shit got real intense... Too many hours.. Too much work.. Dudes were threatening each other...


I ain't no punk.. It's all good at 4:30.. What are you gonna do, yell at me??


Those were some things I remember being said..


Fools had me laughing... Lucky there was a conveyor to keep these cats from throwing down...

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Working on a movie.


The worst part is it's shooting in fucking Connecticut.


Oh fucking man... I have a couple people who do film work and I know it gets brutal... But worth it for them that's for sure.. Shit is always tense... I did work ages ago for some Bette Midler commercial.. Uh for HBO.. Shit was rough.. A lot standing around then BAM!!! Non-stop...

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Very uneventful night at the club....didn't getnto throw anyone out, instead i just got paid to chill, bullshit, and drink


gunna go grab some weiners no homo abd then I'm off to drive a forklift drunk...hiyooooooo


AyeBee.. Right on.. I used to the club thing... DJ, door and whatever else they needed... Shit can be fun.. Now I'm doing the forklift thing.. Well trying to...


Next bar.. I'm out...

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