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eye for an eye

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I don't. Some mom and pops sell you the sneakers early but with a certain markup. Fuck lining up and fuck resellers, I just won't buy jordans. last jordans i copped were the metallic V's, my lady just walked into niketown while i was double parked and copped the last pair of size 11. This was a day AFTER the release back in 06 or 07.

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so how do you guys go about coping.. i know your not waiting lin line over night... resellers can suck a dick.. so what you guys do?


im currently fuckin a bitch that works at house of hoops. used to have a bitch at niketown but that shit is closed for remodeling...im not down with that lining uo shit. or that resell shit. i dont even like waking up early on saturdays b. but i mostly just buy other shit these days. i couldnt get the white 4's because of thirsty hypebeast type niggas. gonna get the olympic 6's black and blue 9's bred 4's & 11's then im done with michael jordan shoes. they re-release shit to quick for me to take them serious anymore. and the prices are going up smfh:skull2: :skull2: :skull2:

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and about waiting in line...


2 saturdays ago was the first time i ever waited in a line. it was for the gym foams because i missed out on em at my usual spot where my boy holds shit for me so i had to go to another spot first thing in the morning. dudes were in lawn chairs and bikes in shit. there was probably like 10 of us in all. some dude gave a guy a bag of dust to hold his spot.

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