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Holy shit, I never made that connection before.


Hopefully Deb realizes soon that Quinn's priority is to fuck up dexters life and we see some real drama between them.


Got a feeling new cop will play a bigger role in the upcoming episodes. Can see them going into this cult santa maria thing and stretching it out at least a couple more episodes.


And I'm surprised trinity's family hasn't been involved yet. I knew that they would be trying to track down kyle butler, but I figured something would go down with all that money Dex took from Arthur.

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i couldnt tell ^^



this build up better be good. i like the episodes that leave me on the edge of my seat, and the last 2 have failed.


really into this show, and glad i have showtime on demand. i got priorities, and sunday night..a trip to the yard comes first.

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Watch your tongue! That's Ajax from the warriors!




I can understand the ghost dad part. He serves a lot more purpose than most of the characters they've introduced. It fits into the psychological make up of Dexter, the voice in the head leading the way kind of thing.


word to mother^ he wasn't bad in warriors and i get the whole role but i just hate his face. i couldn't realistically picture him as dex's dad. and its odd how much he always egged on the natural killer-ness of dexter. it's just unrealistic. any dad would just try to supress that instead of making them believe they MUST be a murderer.

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its is julia styles.


so disappointed. I hated her in everything except 10 Things I Hate About You, because so many other actors made that a fun watch.


I hope she doesn't ruin this season with her fat head, tiny beady roach eyes, and SEVERE LACK OF TALENT.


AKA, I hope Dexter kills her in the next couple of episodes. If not...oh well, we shall see...

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And yea, it has started out super slow...and strange. The second episode was basically unbearable to watch. Between the boredom and those fucking kids, I was hard pressed to finish it.


This past weeks wasn't so bad. At least Dexter killed someone, the kids were gone, and shit seems to be heating up.



And earl said something about Quinn being sick or something? Anyone know? That dude gave up roids for mountains of blow...and then got some surgery to put back on his nose and chin...weird shit, dude looks haggard.


OH And that Venezuelan cop is super duper hot. Especially when she's standing next to Ogre-Deb.

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for the longest time whenever i heard people talking about this show i thought they were talking about Dexters Labratory, and it always made me scratch my head as to why it became such a huge show.


then i realized i was a jackass.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: nerd


last night... talk about suspense

that bitch is gonna be the next miguel

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