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I first fingered a chick when I was 5. She was 6.


We were,how do you say, 'playing doctor'?


But yeah, I saw my 1st pron when I was 5, and was trying to get my wick wet as often as possible ever since then.



But yeah, these days it is out of control.

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i got in trouble for drawing a naked lady with boobs in 3rd grade.


i think i cried when the teacher caught me.

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I frenched kissed a girl in kindergarten. Well it was kind of like a french kiss. There was a little tounge but I really didn't know the mechanics of it. I had only seen it in the movies...


Touched me first boob in fifth grade. Same thing with a baginer. First time I got head I was 13 and on the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Lost my virginity the day after my 14th birthday.

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my aunt used to teach kindergarten.

i live in louisiana, and the public school districts in my area recently underwent "desegregation," as ordered by a judge.


basically, it was decided that public schools were still segregated, since they were all either vastly white or vastly black. this was due to their location. schools in vastly black neighborhoods were (SURPRISE!!!) vastly black. so now countless kids get bused wayyy across town, away from their neighborhood schools, to even things out. instead of getting to the root of the lower-quality education in the majority black schools, apparently it was a better idea to spread the problem children evenly throughout the schools,


now this school that my aunt used to teach at used to be majority white and was THE premiere public school in the area. after this court-ordered "desegregation," my aunt spent her last days at that school arguing with moronic parents that sent their crack babies to school with piss-soaked underwear, and disciplining 5-year old boys and girls who would have rendesvous in the restrooms and do all kinds of shit 5-year olds shouldn't even know about


thanks judge haik!


does this make me racist?

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