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  1. 1. Nigga...

    • Youre a cop.
    • See a doctor
    • See a psychologist
    • Get an energy healing
    • Gas, brake, dip.
    • Do what you do mang
    • Tacohands

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Well, lemme tell you it is.


1. I havent really slept int he past 2 days. I just been lying in bed all night, in a half sleep, but I know I'm awake type of thing. Im pretty tired so I have a feeling im gonna go to sleep for two days now.


2. No, I am not on drugs. My nigga, havent you heard? Ive been drug free since August.


3. My phone broke today, internally. The shit just blinked white and went to black and repeated until, im assuming, the battery died. So now i gotta get a new phone, which is gonna cost me 150$. Which sucks cause I'm gonna get the one I was planning to originally but didnt because it cost 20$ more.


4. I mentioned that movie 'Cocaine Cowboys' to one of my co-workers in my managers' presence, and somehow my manager ended up sharing her stories of her days as a meth-head, which my other co-worker used to be. And mind you, these days were not that long past. And it was kinda awkward standing there listening to them relate about how they used to hate breaking their glass pipes at like 3am, and then they would have to embark on a quest to find a place where they could obtain one at that time of morning.

My only reaction: "This is hurt"


5. I am in love with a 35 year old french woman. Shes a manager at my job, but she hates me, and I think she is a racist. I dont even really like old french women like that, but I would lick her asshole. She has these bomb ass legs and HELLA ass, I mean HELLLLLA. Shes got an okay rack. Her facial is all kinds of fucked up though, shes got kind of a long nose. I think she draws her eyebrows on, but I stand by my butt munching comment. Wifey.


6. So we(the hotel, not me), have ruined yet another honeymoon. The couple got two twin beds, and when they came down to point out that as honeymooners theyd like to sleep in the same bed together. Wifey very graciously offered to move them to the same type of room only with queen bed at a cost of 40$ more. I sometimes enjoy seeing people suffer at work, especially when they have it coming to them. But these people didn't have it coming to them, these were good people. I hope they steal things.


7. Ive started to hallucinate, I was at work reading a newspaper and my eyes were maybe 1.5ft-2ft from the newspaper and the more I read the more 'distanced' i would feel from the newspaper. You know what I'm saying? It seemed like the distance between the eyes and the letters would grow more and more as I read. And as I realized this, it would stop. And when I continued to read, it started again. I kinda got vertigo from it.


I was gonna make 7 different threads, but I decided to consolidate it into one single thread.

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well cacashrefund, you maybe wondering why i didn't read all of your post.



1. it was too long.





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I can relate to #6. and #7 happens to me sometimes and I can to it on command (I has something to do with focusing your eyes). Does it ever feel like your looking through someone elses eyes? I get that sometimes too.


But yeh your probably just tired. Make yourself some hot tea and go to bed.

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I voted now i want a taco.


I was supposed to be paid tuesday morning. It's now thursday arvo and I am still not paid. I am not happy. And I'm hungry.

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I know what you are on about with the eyes thing. It happens from lack of sleep.


I'll let you guess as to what I put as my vote.

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see a doctor...


you mentioned being off the drugs...some drugs effect

your body months after you stop using them..also

they can effect your mind ..forever..


make sure your taking care of you...eating well is

great way to rid the body of negative feelings...it's your world

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i know that...



cash is always after you...

maybe if you just gave up the chase like a bunny rabbit... then things wouldn't be such as bad...

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1. It'll pass, happens sometimes when you have too much shit on your mind.

3. That sucks.

4. Awkward....

5. Do what you do

6. That's kinda fucked up that the hotel fucked up and then charged the couple because of the fuck up.

7. That's the sleep talking.


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