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seattle > portland area freights

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bump shels and enuf.


someone please tell me why NORTHwesterners rock the scrap 3 dots.. y'all aint really down for Sur are you? you know how they get down in jail right? shit ain't cool... they be on the yard straight controlling fags, preying on their own people like vampires. shit ain't cool. Do you know who the X3's ally is in the Pinta? THE FUCKING ARYAN BROTHERHOOD. How the fuck is that uplifting your people? La Raza my ass. Every Latino with 3 dots should go out tomarrow and add a 4th if they really are down for brown. I ain't even mexican, but I seen that shit in real life, y'all rocking the mi vida loca dots are on some game-goofy shit. Don't just write shit and tattoo it cuz it looks cool, learn your culture, it's not a costume to be picked up and exploited for your wanna-be thug image. Unless that's what you're about.. fuck it.. do you homie.. and to all my homies who got that shit as youngsters at westlake, young and ignorant.. it ain't personal man, i'm just letting you know how it is.




oh, here's some flicks to go with my mouthing off...




^WWL, staying true to his 1 piece a day commitment.. day #32




^Cash1st aka c1st aka seafirst aka wait 5 min, get $5 .. that promotion kept me fed as a runaway teen in '91.. best seattle word yet..besides rain.. and that's as corny as calling yourself quake if you from the 'sco. Smog MSK BTM from LA was an exception since he taught half the writers on the west coast how to do throw ups.. Aloy TKO taught the other half.






^WWL taking a taliban-like policy with the depiction of human images. In my far from humble opinion, characters are a cop out. anyone can draw a face.. it doesn't challenge people to accept the letter/logo as an image.. as an artform beyond fontfreak design majors. Graf should challenge people to examine the use of public space and the way the rich monopolize our enviroment with their ads for things that are way more harmful to society and our health than graffit ever will be. Characters are so non threatening.. so easy to accept.. Go draw a fucking comic book with your character. We out here fuckin with letters, son.


hope that isn't too deep for you. Something to think about. Characters are an easy way to cop out and not learn letter form. Everyone loved twist and reminice because they rocked easy to understand characters.. images that required little thought. the most challenging thing you had to deal with about rems horses, were that they were done by a female who was bombing harder than most dudes in the city at the time. Eventually she even left the horses alone, and twist dropped the faces, and screws, and now they both exclusively use letters on the street and save characters for the galleries.. where that shit makes major mayo. that's money for you squares.



^Mr. Verse One.

Die4 knows y'all Don't Vandalize Shit






There was more, but flicking freights at night is weak. I think the solistice(sp?) is fucking up my motivation to bench freights here in Jetcity...



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complete and utter self promotion....

these are from 2003. The next post is from 2004.

after that its up to the interweb to provide other photos of my shit.

hate on. And wish you had the spots i had then to do as many trains as i did in these years.








this is an HO model train i found on ebay that some nerd had weatherd and replicated the graffiti that he captured via photograph on this hopper with little itsy bitsy paint brushes. i bid on said train at 50 bucks. i lost horribly when it sold for over 300.


*edit* Peep The Abhor Tag on the right.







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