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Sarah Tonin

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[16:52] *********: they want to be sure i have a real house, like i'm not a puppy mill person, & that it's doggie safe. which i feel it is

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try this and let me know if it works.


visit the website:



right-click on the webcast window, and choose Save As QuickTime Movie.




download and run media player classic:



File > Open File (CTRL + O)


open the file that you saved above, it should be named musicfarm.mov.


View > Full Screen (Alt + Enter)


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The following errors occurred when this message was submitted:

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Two US students who appeared in the Borat movie are suing Cohen, claiming they have suffered "mental anguish" after they were filmed making racist and sexist remarks.

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1. Open Windows XP and go to Start, then run.

2. Type in or copy "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" without the commas.

3. Sit back and watch the ASCII movie :)

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DP98 = Dance Party 98.


Dance parties are like wine, and 1998 was a good year for a dance party.


"A fixed-gear bicycle or fixed wheel bicycle, is any bicycle without a freewheel and usually only one gear ratio. The sprocket is attached to the hub without a freewheel mechanism, usually secured by a reverse-thread lockring.


Because there is no freewheel mechanism, fixed gear bicycles cannot coast. Whenever the rear wheel is turning, the pedals turn in the same direction. By resisting the forward motion of the pedals, a rider is able to slow the bike to a stop, without the aid of a brake. They can also be ridden in reverse, although the forward-oriented geometry of any bicycle makes this more of a stunt than a practical technique."

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so how's it going? i no longer work for fred meyer as of one hour ago. they "let me go." i got really sick last thursday evening and then went to the doctor friday morning. he put me on bed rest until monday. work didnt like that at all. i had yesterday scheduled off so this was going to be my first day back. when i went in my manager gave me this big lecture about how i was holiday help and holiday help isn't allowed to miss any work for any reason. then he asked if i thought i would miss any work from now until the first of the year. i got a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago calling me to jury duty (lame) at the end of the month so i told him that there's the possibility of that. he was like "well if you can't fulfill your promise as a seasonal employee then i'm going to have to let you go. that way i can find someone who will fulfill the promise. it's really inconvenient that you were sick so long." fucking lame. it was inconvenient and miserable for me to be sick that long too. i'm really not a fan of being miserable in bed for 4 days. fuck. job hunting starts again. too bad i don't think i can pass a drug test. let me know if you hear of anything though. i can totally get a job at market of choice because my mom works there and knows all the managers at all the stores. the problem is that they do super duper drug testing. you have to go to the hospital and everything to have it done. it sucks to be unemployed right before the holidays.

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It's a stalker meme, thing, work it out as you go along...


(2 Points) My name:

(1 Point) My last name:

(5 Points) Take a stab at my middle name:

(3 Points) Who was my first celeb-crush:

(2 Points) Do I have any children:

(2 Points) How old are they:

(2 Points) What work do I do:

(3 Points) What am I afraid of:

(2 Points) Do I smoke:

(3 Points) Do I drink:

(2 Points) Do I have any siblings:

(2 Points) How many:

(1 Point) Do I like 'em:

(4 Points) What's one of my favourite things to do:

(2 Points) How many tattoos do I have:

(3 Points) What's my favourite type of music:

(2 Points) What's my favourite TV show:

(2 Points) Who is my favourite band/artist:

(4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing:

(3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:

(2 Points) What’s my favourite colour:

(3 Points) Name something I hate:

(4 Points) Name a talent I have:

(4 Points) What kind of shoes do I wear:

(4 Points) Do I have any pets:

(2 Points) Who am I dating right now:

(5 Points) What did I study in university:

(5 Points) What is the colour of my room:

(5 Points) What is my worst habit:

(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring:


I'll reply with your score once it's marked. I'll put stalkers' names in a new entry to show off how much they know.


80-85 Points — Stalker Extraordinaire!

70-79 Points — Hard-Working Stalker

40-69 Points — Decent Stalker

20-39 Points — Stalker-In-Training

00-19 Points — Crappy Stalker or New Stalker

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