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TCI- midwest fr8 killers


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Got the green from tci to finish it. i know i'd appreciate if somone did it for me. If you spent as much time as i do in a train yard you would develop an appreciation for all graffiti pieces besides your own. I'm more of a spectator than a participator and i watch from the sidelines and i love most graffiti, that when i can do my part to progress it i will. I'm just an ordinary railroad worker and when im working i dont like watching bullshit garbage graffiti on the lines, its hurts my eyes watching while im working. i like watching full color panels as they roll by.If you dont appreciate what i do the you can EAT THE PEANUTS OUT OF MY SHIT!


Unless you are MAPLE, who are you to say no? Even if i didnt get the okay from TCI, i'll still do what the fuck i want. If you got something to say dont disrespect the thread and contact me directly. But enough said ill just post some flicks and let them do the talking, no more flicks for you ungrateful fucks. -Grief.







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