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TCI- midwest fr8 killers


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Written by Subway Legend VEN RIS AOK:




"You may be quite suprised how up I am on the freight scene of now and who

does what. Their are definetly freight writers outside of the old school NYC

crew right now painting frieghts whose work I respect. Writers like Heat,

Myth , Isto , Lead , Seaz , Much , Sigh , ICH all do exceptional work in my

opinion. The difference though is most writers do not take the time to do

full on productions like you see here on the subways. Have you ever seen

those Heat & Awe cars with the Charlie Brown characters on some reefers from

a few years ago. That to me is proper graff 101. You just see a very limted

amount of graff on freights like that. You can say what you want about

trains going by at 50 MPH but most of the freight shots people post on

threads here are taken at sidings or yards where the trains are standing


You say simple styles are what writers are into freight wise but yet go into

the Kwest thread on here and see how many freight writers consider him god's

gift to the freight scene because the pieces he does are the exact opposite

of simple. Why is that? It's obviously because the effort in detail he puts

into his work. How many other writers put that much effort into their work

other then the names I mentioned above and maybe another dozen or so outside




As for kids not knowing or learnng style because they live in some rural

area. They are on the internet posting their pics. So it's not like they are

living in a secluded world. It's 2008 not 1988.

The world is at your finger tips no matter where you are these days."

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