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A pyramid scheme... that works?

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Theres this electric company in Texas that has THE cheapest rates in Texas. They pay people to sign people up as customers or associates. They have no advertising company so they spend all that money that wouldve gone to advertising on people. You and I would be associates, which means that we sign people up to either be associates or customers. Customers are just people who get the service but dont want to get into the business part of it. After one year the



It costs $329 to start but once you get 2 people, one can be yourself and just one other person, signed up you automatically get $300 back and now youve only spent $29 bucks. Its usually $100 for the first two but theyre paying 300 for Nov. only.


So now if you get 6 people to sign up as CUSTOMERS like friends or family then you get $100. If you get someone as an ASSOCIATE and they get their firstst two people like you did. You get $100 for that and this can be as many associates as you want.


After 10 associates youre moved from a regular associate to "Managing Director". MD's get $50 everytime someone under them gets signed up as an associate and gets their first two people. EX. You bring in an associate directly under you and they bring in their own associate and this person brings in their own. You wouldve received $50 for ever associate under you, with no maximum limit.


My uncle's friend who introduced this to me gives presentations on his laptop to people interested. Hes been involved with this company for 3 months and has already made $2500.


Theres one more way to earn income. Which is you recieve a monthly commission from every customer below you. The commission is raised as more customers come into your "pyramid".


Theres no fee for signing the people up or for them to sign up. You will recieve your own website which you will use to monitor every associate and their status. The site will also be used to enter new customers or associates. Monthly maintenance fee of $19.95 is required for the website.


Everything Ive said I havent made up, Ive heard for myself and is exactly what it is.

All of the above is what I messaged to a friend earlier. This version is edited for ch.0 heads, the original is about twice as long.





So Im going to be getting into this company. The guy who made 2500 in 3 months, is an awesome IT guy for Landry's Corporation. This seems almost too good to be true but when you personally know someone whos making money. You cant help but believe.


Im telling you this because I need 12oz opinions and my life unfortunately revolves around one website.

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doesnt that suck...allthewrongwords your clever at times i enjoy reading your posts and everything but you just proved to me that you're a dumbass...dont waste your time!

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