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House Broken Into....Carpet Shat Upon

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From Craigslist.....a little lengthly but a good entry for www.whatthefuck?!?.com





Yesterday, I took the day off & went with my wife & daughter to her preschool for a Halloween party. When we got home around noon, I noticed that my alarm had activated & there was a break in. I cautiously walked in & noticed that someone had broken my dining room window, climbed into our house & dug through my bedroom. Then I noticed that there was a gallon of milk sitting on my living room floor, my refrigerator had been dug through and there was food in my laundry room where someone had made themselves a sandwich. They actually left a block of cheese with tooth marks on the floor of my kitchen. Then I walked upstairs to my study room & there was a human diarrhea on the carpet. This was an all time low for my experience living in Oakland. The funny thing is that none of my stuff of any value was even touched. Some piece of shit actually went through the trouble of hopping a fence, breaking a glass window, setting off an alarm & risking getting busted so that they could eat my food & shit on my carpet. What the fuck is this world coming to ! I will say this, I bought a home in Oakland 2- 1/2 years ago with an open mind & the hope that this city was improving. I have defended Oakland to people who have bad mouthed it & have been optimistic that this is a good place to live. This is the second time in that short period that my house has been burglarized. The Police came about an hour after we called them & said that a fingerprint dispatch would come over later, they never showed up. I finally just cleaned evrything up & gave up on the fingerprinting. It is dissapointing to me that a city in this location & with this much potential still cannot clean up crime. What the fuck is it gonna take to fix this city? It is now ranked the 8th most dangerous place in the country & NOTHING is being done about it! I AM FED UP !!

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Guest R@ndomH3ro
ILB left a partially sipped bottle of sauza next to my car one night


it's in my freezer now


Shut Yo Face!!


I am tired of hearing your East Bay adventures of fun....







All Sneak does is the work n school.....and it's really starting to make him onrry.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

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a guy once took a dump on the floor of a cubicle in the men'sroom of the pub I work at. that's bad enough but then he took off his barney rubble sock dipped it in the shit that was in a big puddle on the floor and wrote things on the walls.


It was fucking grim at 3 am on a busy saturday night.


I got sent down to clean it but it was too much so I put warning tape over the doors adn made everyone use the ladies until the chinese contract cleaners arrived

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This reminds me of the time a guest at the hotel i work at had stupidly parked their car out on the street overnight.


Well, when they came down in the morning they found their car not only broken into, but the backseat used as a toilet. And to add insult to injury, all their french language CD's were broken in half.




And as a final insult they had to drive the car back to the rental place to exchange it.


That was the funniest thing ever.

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