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EBay building bombed: Exclusive IMs from an eBayer inside the building



Firefighters rushed to eBay's San Jose headquarters last night after an explosion in a four-story eBay building. First thought to be a transformer, the cause is now being reported as a bomb. A live TV report from last night is available at KRON 4. If you have any information, photos, or first-hand accounts, e-mail tips@valleywag.com. A reader sends the following IM conversation they had with an eBay employee in the building.

My friend was working late at eBay tonight when there was a large explosion within the building.

Here's the breaking news story:

Firefighters Respond to Explosions within eBay Building


And here's the IM thread of them telling me a few minutes ago.

friend-at-ebay: http://www.nbc11.com/news/10205869/detail.html

me: wft?

you there?

friend: Crazy shit! A bunch of us were there working late and all of a sudden BOOOOOOM!!!!

I ran outside looking for a plane crash.

But is from inside the building. Some are saying it was a transformer.

Windows were blown out.

me: top floor? basement? or somewhere in between?

friend: Bottom floor hallways were filled with smoke. I had to run through the buildings and yell for people to evacuate because....get this...

There were no fricking fire alarms to pull.

More after the jump.

me: no fire alarms?

friend: The bomb squad and hazmat are on site searching the buildings.

friend: Yeah. Crazy. Couldn't find one anywhere. And I looked high and low.

me: everybody OK afauk?

friend: Yeah...no injuries.

Just a lot of rattled nerves.

=== 45 minutes later ==

friend: Whoa. It was a bomb.


Man, I never even considered that. I ran over there straight past the location of the bomb and was just thinking about making sure everyone was okay.

me: wonder if it was Halloween punk kids. office near anything residential?

friend: Dude...it was a huge explosion.

friend: Rattled all the buildings on campus.

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brad johnson is the oldest, and i believe the most underated quarterback there is..

he did however have a shiity game monday night...you could tell on the openning

drive the vikings defense did'n t come to play that night...o' well...damn thats some good tree..

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