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I hate my hood.

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I got this email today......








Public Safety would to inform the community that on Saturday 10/28/06

at approximately 2:00am a disturbance occurred as a party was breaking up

on *** St. During the incident a visitor was stabbed in the arm. 10-12

suspects fled the area and were pursued by Public Safety to the area of

******* St where they dispersed. A male student who was walking on

******* St was knocked to the ground by the fleeing suspects.


Both the visitor and the student were transported to ** ******* Hospital

where they were treated and released.


******** City Police has identified a possible suspect in the stabbing



This incident is under investigation by ******* Public Safety and

******** City Police. Anyone with any information is asked to call Public

Safety at ***-***** or ******** Police at ***-****.


****** *****


Office of Public Safety

******* College


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I got this email a while back:


Please be careful if approached by a group of young teenage girls,

accompanied by teenage boys, who may have skateboards. Please do not

stop or engage in conversation with this group. This group are well

presented, neat dressers and generally unassuming. Dark hair, tanned

skin and dark eyes.




We are advised that these incidents have taken place both in the morning

and in the evening, both on Campus and in Victoria Park. It would seem

they are generally targeting smaller framed men and women, including

overseas students.




If you spot or are confronted by this group ring the Police immediately

on 000. The police also encourage you to be vocal and to scream for help

if you are in trouble.




Please do not walk around campus unaccompanied in the early hours or

late evenings.


I only remember it because i noticed the way it was too politcally correct to say they were black

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After reading the first post I thought this was gunna be about how you hate your hood cuz they do rediculous things like send out newsletters when someone gets stabbed in the arm, but I quickly realized I was wrong.



I love my block, and I've got the t-shirt to prove it

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