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I'm so deep Stephen Hawkings wants to be my hype man.

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i'd like to set the tone for this thread with a poem...



allow me to explain the way my brain is just so quick i'm great it's/ 'cause i'm sophisticated watch i'll demonstrate it

shit i'm just so deep i'm deeper than the depths that creatures be on documentaries of those fish that live deep in the sea

you know those crazy bugged out fish that glow and got no eyes and shit like mother nature what have you done/ (i'm even deeper than that son)

i'm so deep i hit lava got a lot a thoughts too deep to understand i'm so deep stephen hawkings wants to be my hype man damn

but it takes more than depth to rap so complex if you guessed i'm the best well than i guess you guessed correct

i'm so advanced i take the most mundane tasks but when i do it it's an art form like the way i put my pants on

i do not put my pants on one leg at a time i leap dangerously and insert legs simultaneously (you crazy)

maybe but maybe i'm just crazily great kid/ i'm the Grey Goose, bitch/ i'm so sophisticated...


you lack sophistication bet you couldn't even spell it wipe my ass with your rhymes/ and then i make you smell it/

i have a handkerchief with double g's embroidered on it when i have a cold i blow my nose and put in my pocket/

when i grip the mic notice my pinky is extended/ i do not grab my nuts/ i cradle my appendage

see that's classier/ i'm just more refined/ i know when i eat fish that i'm supposed to order white wine

time and time again i will display sophistication i use words with many syllables and without hesitation

upon a piece of loose leaf is where you write your rhymes i write them in the crossword puzzle of the new york times

my favorite book is moby dick / my favorite dick is moby book/ i do not need to make sense and still my shit is off the hook

i am the best/ i wrote this rap while playing chess and you were checkmated/ i'm so sophisticated....



so now it should be clear that i am in fact, deep as fuck.


a while ago i posted a thread about my homie in hk who acquires more grade "a" pussy than anyone i have ever seen.


this thread will be less interesting. last night a few blunts were smoked with the homies and due to some heavy shit going on in one of my friends lives, (good buddy from back home committed suicide) our conversation took a turn for the deeper as opposed to the last one that was focused on sexual debauchery.


so we talked about god and the meaning of existence!


we deep as fuuuuuck.


so something weird happened to me last night on a kind of spiritual enlightenment tip which occasionally happens to me when i am severely blazed.


all my boys were basically in agreement that life is meaningless and that there is no god.


i'm usually pretty much down with that theory but i felt like my friends were oversimplifying and i like to play devil's advocate anyway.


the thing is, i don't really believe in god in any traditional sense of what western religions consider god to be. i don't think anyone's really paying attention to what the fuck is going on this crazy planet. no judgement. no love from above. whatever god is or isn't i'm completely convinced he/she/it is totally indifferent.


i don't like it tho, when people oversimplify and just bash on religious/spiritual people.


so my little spiritual revelation last night occurred while i was playing devil's advocate and kind of defending "faith".


my THC inspired realization is that i've changed my mind from thinking that life is meaningless to the fact that human beings have a purpose.


i played devil's advocate so hard that i converted myself!


i should be a lawyer.


so all my friends were just saying how life is meaningless. enjoy it while it lasts. there's no greater purpose. no afterlife. no god. lets party etc.


and i got on my devil's advocate shit and i defended people with faith and said something along the lines of this:


so there is a universe. there is stuff flying around space. matter and energy. there are suns and stars and planets and all this weird shit spinning around each other.


and now there are human beings. and not only are we "alive" which is weird enough.


we have the ability to think about what's going on. we can build telescopes and look at shit. we can break atoms apart and kill lots of people instantly. we can fly into outer space!


so what the fuck.


there is all sorts of crazy shit going on in the universe.


and we just HAPPEN to be able to ponder it?


so i'm not trying to say that we definitely have a greater purpose. i don't know.


but damn. it just seems like a weird coincidence that we have the capacity to understand things and pass knowledge down to new generations and that there is so much shit out there to figure out!


so fuck it.


i changed my mind.


i believe people have a purpose.


i believe that "god" is the sum of all matter and energy in the universe.


i think that life is in motion because living things are supposed to move forward and understand our surroundings.


i think our reason to exist is to "understand" stuff.


i'm not sure why.


haven't figured that out yet.


but i do believe that mankind has a purpose.


so anyway.


that's new for me. last night i smoked myself so retarded that i convinced myself of something while all i was trying to do was acknowledge the other side of an argument.


so now what do i do?


if i believe mankind has a purpose....


am i considered "spiritual"


do i need dreadlocks and birkenstocks?


shoud l i become a scientologist?


i feel like such a drastic change in my attitude towards existence should warrant some kind of a change in my life.




i'm sorry if this thread sucked.


maybe i should start a blog.


-MC Grey Goose, at one with the universe

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21 hits and no love? Damn.


Thats kinda how I feel man. Things are too perfect to have been an accident.

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That rhyme was awesome, you should definately look into a career as an emcee.


Unfortunately ive discussed the god topic to death, and will not be making any comments on the meaning of life tip.


But once again dude, great rhyme.

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i think youre looking for the nature of god and creator thread take a left at crossfire and its down next to where the old water tower used to be. you cant miss it.

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great read!


i also have lots to share, but i'll keep it to myself..

excellent spelling and grammar...

grade A all the way!

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i lost you when you repeated devils advocate for the 5th time in a paragraph, but its all love from here still

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Senseless is trying to make sense of something that was never intended to make sense.


Better still:


Senseless is trying to make sense of something that was never intended.




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