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Glass Eaters...

Guest Mesiah

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same shit happened to me, i threw some etch in a mop that used to have silver in it, it wasnt workin so i threw it in the garbage can , then like 4 minutes later BOOM, since it had the lid on the can, etch and silver all over the inside of the garbage can, shits lethal, my favorite shit to hit windows with to date



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Originally posted by CrazyLazy

Kyle I can see your reflection pretty good next to your girl in that one pic. Buter?


I can't read graffiti.

right on dude, as you can see im a 6'5 black dude with a scar over my right eye and a finger missing on my left hand. that girl is just some bitch i brainwashed and she follows me and performs sexual favors at my word. may this be a lesson to you all, that everyone should post more photos....now i dont have a camera but for those of you with skrills right now, go buy one or ill make you my rape bitch as well.

yes and that is buter....cause i can read graffiti...

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Originally posted by boogy

Arguing about glasseater is an endless story. This is my opnion though, and I personally beleive it to be the most sensible thing that has been said yet, amongst us.


It is a good tool to get up. I agree.. But like someone else said, take it to the majorcorportations.. its a good tool. Use it wisely, as was said, realize the power you have in your hand while your using it. hitting some mom and pop store front is stupid. Hit the transit shelters, phone booths, CK stores, STARBUCKS, and other such chains of stores. another thing with it is, if you can catch tags in your city, and suburbs with markers and tags without getting them buffed for long periods of time.. why bother using etch? You don't need it to stay up, and it simply brings more heat onto the city? Writers need to worry about things like that as well, not just getting up. for the record, it IS very possible to cause the extinction of graffiti in your own city just by doing STUPID things without thinking... use your brains when you are getting up, and don't do things that don't NEED to be done.. think realisticly and bomb according to what needs to be done to stay up, and be up the most!!


ALWAYS THINK THOUGH, STUPIDTY AND IGNORANCE ARE NOT AN EXCUSE. and as for STAK saying that "real writers don't give a fuck", thats the stupidist comment I've ever heard. generally its the little toy shits who don't give a fuck. real writersbombers want to preserve their culture and be able to do their thing without to much heat. Both of those kids he listed from our city, do get up, but are always in jail because they are some of the most heatscore and stupid bombers I have ever met... once again, people need to use their heads while they bomb!


Meep Meep.

yes yes that is very true:p
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Originally posted by TITO'roski

Since when did we become a counter-culture? I thought we were artists.


Etch bath tags are nothing but pure vandalism, and thats why we love'em... go paint a one of those boring 20+ color production you fuckin art fag:D

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Guest imported_b0b
Originally posted by akrbone

wa??? i thought etch was wen u carved into the glass? n wat r mops i hear the term alot but cant figure out wat they r


posted about 10 posts above yours was this:


Originally posted by Nutonce

etch goes in mops. kiwi mops.


Reckon you can work out which Kiwi product is a mop?

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Originally posted by akrbone

the shoe polish i think? some1 told me but i forget, n wat is griffin? n how do i make a Etch that has color?? this is so confusin haha i aint sure if ppl use etch here in hawaii prob y i am so confused :confused: :confused:

Just because you are asking these questions, just don't use etch...No offence just don't try it though.
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