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Graffiti Zines Near You

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I've been noticing a big resurgence in the DIY zine production in the bay area these days. There's a few stores here and there carrying these little zine gems that are great for a reading on the toilet, trading with someone for their uneaten sandwich half or keeping in your glovebox when your significant other is taking their sweet ass time inside the conveneicne store.


Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have more than a few good ones floating around.


1. Spider Ghost (variable title per issue)- it's a fantastic black and white zine of bay area graffiti, random tomfoolery and one issue shows a skinhead about 2 seconds away from getting knocked the fuck out by three guys. There's also some really good writing thrown in now and again that actually makes me stop and go "wait, what? Whooooaaaaa. " It reminds me of LifeSucksDie with integrity and half the budget. The guy gets extra cool points for using his work copier to put it together.


2. Color of Shadow - just copped the "street art issue". Full color cover and centerold. Black and white printed on some high quality paper. A bit pricey for a zine ($3) but worth the cost. lot's to look at, no articles....just complete visual stimulation. Very nice. Would like to see an issue dedicated to throwies (if they havne;t done one already i have missed)



SO yeah, list the zines being put out in your area....what are people doing?

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Spider ghost is pretty sick...

Theres a small time zine out where I live it's called "tag fags" or something of that sort. It's a once a month magazine, and you can only find it at graff stores.

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Anubis on haight street carries a pretty good selection. It's where I get my issues of Spider Ghost. They used to give'em out for free but I think they're charging now. Weaksauce.

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Where can you cop these besides Anubis, any east bay locations?


and the gilman has a nice selection of zines, everyonceandawhile theyre graffiti related

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ii live the life.

....behind bars!





inkie...i don't know of any places in the east bay where you can cop them but I think the communist riff raff army bookstore on telegraph might have something.

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Always Fresh Magazine is looking for flick submissions and contributors!!!!


Always Fresh is a new FREE web-based pdf graffiti mag that will be dropping in Aug 09. Each issue will be packed full of flicks from around the world as well as writer interviews and anything else we feel like throwin your way.


We are also offering free advertising for graffiti related businesses in the first issue!!!


For more info or for submissions contact: bigdaddydef@hotmail.com



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heres some good zines ive gotten in the last year or two


Humanity Is The Devil (Spider Ghost Press Gang)




Dirty Art Zine




Mental Scars & Boxcars




The Wanderers (Australian Graffiti)




couple others i couldnt find pics to go along with..


-Tax Report (Small, B&W, Monthly, Awesome!)

-Ontrack Freight Zine (Color, Bulky, Great Photos)

-ABC's (B&W, Dope Sketches, Check them out http://www.theflopbox.com/zines.html)

-Built To Destroy (Freights, Quality Production, Canadians)

-Glamorous Life (Color, Quality Production, Freights, Interviews)


..i have a ton more i just have this stack next to me.


zine traders hit me up!

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