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Wash DC


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fools need to stop jacking flicks on the regular, if it fits in with your pics, cite one or two, but some of yall either never leave your houses or are to dumb to obtain/work a camera of your own. it gets redundant for cats who've seen em over and over, glad you caught on but shut up already.


go flick some new shit and everyone will like you.


bump: professor-cast, RZ, ocho, grim what up, my man reko said "that bottomless shit" haha.












word to behr for the cha tag

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thug life in dc...










as late as 2004 i had a scratch tag in one of those intake benches. this was shot around the time i came thru, that fucking co drove you crazy with that bullshit he be saying.

damn this shit brought back memories. them fucking jumpers that never fit, them trays of shitty food, that nasty juice, the yard, shit going down to the yard once a week was like hitting the jackpot, the fucking phones in the visiting room that never worked and you had to cover where you talk just to hear, they should have shown the fucking showers with a button, you got water either too cold or too hot, playing spades and hearts all fucking day. then that call and the trip to lorton, all you knew were the storiesabout lorton, going there was like going into the unknown, but lorton was cool, i was in youth center 2 and occoquan, youth center was more chill, it had nothing to do with youth, occoquan had a dorm called "little vietnam" cause people were getting killed on the regular, canteen was a truck that used to pull up and after you got yours niggas uses to roll up in ski masks and take your shit, races were separated, i never saw a white inmate until i got to the feds, white people in general population in the dc system was unheard of, usually there wasnt race beef between latinos and blacks, everybody pretty much hung out with their own.


damn. part 2 of my version of dc history coming up.

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