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Wash DC


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damn, Cast drops some DC history on this thread and this fucking idiot *REIN* posts some sewage tunnel toy trash that I would bet isn't even in DC.


whats wrong with you kids? no one wants to see that bullshit.

go read free agents,you ll learn a lil something about some history
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that was nice but now all these cop ass faggots have all those great pictures, sucks.

photoshop is tight but it cant make your wack hands look right! BAMAS!

i didnt take the picture its taken off my friends flickr and its the only one i have of that. and if u think my hand is wack which it is then instead of insulting me try and give me some advice to improve

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My version of DC history.

Chapter 1. 1989-1991...


heres how i remember it, i grew up im arlington, thats where i started writing without having any notion of what graffiti was, there was no internet, it was just plain vandalism, year 1989, i used to put SPIC with a slayer s and an upside down i, it was more like rebelling that graffiti since my school was mainly white, then one summer school i met REMER MCA, he had seen me getting up and he schooled me as far as styles and really what graffiti was, he even suggested i write CAST but i didnt pay attention. so i changed the SPIC to a variety of names, ENDURE, COOL SHIT (which i liked but remer said it was too COOL DISCO DANish, ha) and RAID, he also introduced me to MESK and we starting hanging out on the regular, i went to school with BUDDA, ESAY and hung out with EVEN, and at the time BUDDA wrote JRSONE and we all created FTP, Fuck The Police/Fight The Power/Fuck That Pussy, since none of us were in MCA yet thats who we looked up to. we bombed a bit in dc, EVEN had been writing a little longer and had ups in dc, but once i started hanging with REM and MESK it kinda of changed. they would take me to MCA nights, usually friday nights at the canals, and we would meet up there and go paint, either go hit a yard or street bomb, or just hung out. it was either that or meeting at CYCLEs dorm room at gw and chill and then go paint. at that time it would be SMK, CYCLE, DAH, WAKE, MESK, REM, and new faces like me and a young FELON, sometimes JOKER would be there. the canals were always cool, you could paint down there and nobody would fuck with you and you could come back during the day and catch a flick. some people were more into bombing than others, WAKE had every single trashcan in the city and big tags in crazy spots, MESK bombed hard, SMK and CYCLE did a bunch of damage and then there were us, along this time came MATA/MOC, a little later gay-ass EVADE, and FELON as well as a few others. there was also a young NAA crew forming and also CERT/CHONKEY and mainly maryland kids. there also some H-BOMB guys like DAH, TRES, BANE, and a couple others. graff was growing and we all got along. after i finished high school i moved to richmond to go to college, there i met the original JOKER who now wrote ETCH MCA(he was friends with the more known JOKER since they were all reston kids) and he brought along FELON. he had and still has one of the sickest styles that i have ever seen and if you ask me he probably influeced dc graf more than anybody since he influenced the people that we all looked up to, in turn influencing us. ETCH became my bombing partner and he also told me to write CAST and i did, i had been writing RAID for a little while and i didnt want to change but 2 people telling me i should write CAST did it for me...



part 2 coming soon. 1991 on...

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