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Wash DC


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Voyer with that wack ass hand style and those simple dimple throws, wish you could flare so i can compliment something of yours. I cant believe that these Varsity kindergarten flower coloring clowns believe there shit is the truth. are leading the way. Gentlemen, we need to stop biting and be a bit creative. Dont shit on the new guys, especially if theyre rockin spots that you are obviously to chicken shit to pull.

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i dont know these fools personally, but from just being in the yard today i saw alot of toy shit goin on and it was bein perpetrated by stoen and them. i don't really care if your new and your style isn't quite on point yet, thats not the issue.. but this fool is leavin cans all over the place and taggin on railroad property and signs and the like. shit like that blows up spots and makes it harder for the rest of us. you fools need to clean up after yourself man. you brought it in with a bag, i don't see whats so hard about bringing them back out when you are done.. or atleast chuckin them into the woods.


the workers aren't dumb, they know what goes on there.. but the cleaner you keep the yard the less they are going to go after it.


there are plenty of frieghts to hit, leave that other shit alone.

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