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Wash DC


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to follow up the homie faint before you put in word on a "hypebeast" site like this know your history. im from philly homie which is why my hands may "appear" to be similiar..thats ONE of my many tall hands and only a portion of my handstyles period. ive sat in a room with derm and watch him do more hand styles than youll ever see.


also youll notice thats the first of my shit youll see on here kuz unlike you i paint instead of post every pic on here...wheres your work? ok.


all a side thanks for the feedback.


you mad?



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i was just calling the dude out on seemingly copying a dude from phila whos work i liked seeing/have some respect for.


am i totally irrelevant? yeah, i won't contest that for a minute. am i a pure armchair groupie? no, but i dont post the shit i do anymore.


hmmm someone you have respect for but dont know shit about..funny fam. this is why i never come on this site..its kids like you that have made graffiti the shit it is today..hopefully we run into eachother one night yea?? oh wait..nevermind.

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and im just calling you out for constantly going on random threads and calling people out about pointless shit trying to be cool, what about Pulse? countless others, you dont paint so shut the fuck up no one cares about who you "think is biting" around the nation, its letters, its bound to end up similar at some point. Doesn't make you cool, and you just look like you're trying to hard. Had to let you know bro cause it's been pissing me off on multiple threads where it wasnt even relevant. focus on your letters before anything and learn you're damn NORMAL letter structures. FUCK


lol my mans Faint. steady holding court homie..




got my hands on another extinguisher......


:cool: :cool: :cool:

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